Prague is famously beautiful in winter, and this magic does not disappear once the Christmas season is over. With snow flurries and chilly days that turn cheeks red, the city holds on to the special winter magic for many months. Unfortunately, this year, we have been without many of our beloved winter activities. While we may all be excited for when our lifestyles return to normal, stay safe and enjoy Prague this winter with the following five activities across the city: Take a Walk Along Rašínovo Nábřeží Stretching from Žofín Palace to Jiráskův bridge, this embankment has historically served as a port for tour boats, the Prague Steamship Company, and mooring rafts. In modern times, it has been lit upRead more.

How many of us spent after school and weekends in the dark recesses of old school arcades? The disco lighting, the clatter and kickass music of 100 games playing at once, and you and your friends battling it out on Donkey Kong Jr. and Asteroids? Later, how many of us spent hours and hours saving Princess Peach from Bowser? I, for one, raise my hand and loved all those games, even though I was TERRIBLE at them. Now, skeeball…that was my jam, but that’s another story. For those looking to recreate some of those childhood memories, or for those gamers who want to play the latest simulation games from Japan or see if they can conquer a Play Station 4,Read more.

I accepted my role as a new father reluctantly, but that didn’t last. Nature gives us plenty of time to acclimate to our largest, and most critical responsibility ever. Prague Ex-pats with kids are extremely lucky. The Czech socialized safety net provides a mostly free ride, from the delivery room, straight through to university. Studies have also shown that Bi-lingual toddlers have longer attention spans, and sharper listening and empathic skills. Dual nationality is also automatic with two passports issued at birth. Medical, dental, and cultural, this is the place to do it. I live a few minutes behind The National History museum in Prague’s’ Nusle valley. This is a super-parenting neighborhood for a variety of reasons. Eateries and retailersRead more.