I decided last night to ‘self-isolate’ and banished Jan to another room so that I could try to make up for my lack of sleep the night before. He was delighted, as it meant he could stay up until God knows what time watching who knows what on the TV, and it worked for me, to such an extent that I slept right through until 8.00 am and woke up ready to be ‘up and at ‘em!’

Obviously this meant a quick check through social media before getting started, and during my Facebook troll I noticed an advert that has been running for a while for ‘Face Exercises’ – apparently, doing these for five minutes a day will make you look a lot younger in a very short time. Well, that seemed to me to be a bit of a no-brainer, since, I figured, I could do it every morning without making any noise, it would be a good way to wake-up, and I would look a lot better for it. However, having downloaded the App and made a start with, first, a ‘wrinkle blowout’, then a ‘perfect purser’, followed by 30 seconds ‘rest’ – for God’s sake?!! – I figured this one is not for me. Apologies to whoever developed it.

jan's blowing

It reminded me, though, that my lovely friend Rostya (who is the most beautiful xxx old woman that you will ever see) taught me once how to remove lines above your mouth – she does this exercise at every opportunity apparently and it clearly works – and is nicely demonstrated by Jan here. So I think I will stick to that for a few minutes every morning and give up on the ‘Jolly Jaw Jiggler’ for now. By the way, another tip from Rostya, to make your homemade mask more effective, use a sanitary towel (sorry guys) for the inside bit… might sound a bit silly, but it makes sense if you think about it!

Anyway, having done my ‘face exercises’ and duly rested, I decided to get moving, and the noise of that woke Jan, who thought that my morning exercises –a six minute ‘Bollywood dance’ session to warm up, and then seven minutes on 7 – would be well worth videoing, either for future reference, or for blackmailing purposes – luckily he didn’t get to see the Face App bit, but, anyway, you can rest assured that none of them will be appearing on this blog any time soon.
(Just thinking about all of this a bit more, I may yet, of course, go back to the Face App – imagine… by the time I get back to Prague, I might look completely different – no wrinkles on my face, rippling with even more muscles than usual from my 7 App, and a rock hard arse).

So the morning toddled along in its now usual way – first catching up on work emails (Jan is a bit disgruntled as he is getting to be quite busy, whilst mine, sadly, are few and far between), then Jan running up and down the garden for an hour (in the rain) whilst I made some ‘proper calls’, including to one of my girlfriends in Prague who is spending her time firing people, and a client, who is doing the same thing (more on that in a bit), and then a 20 minute spin on the bike to get my head together, and suddenly it was mid-afternoon and time to do a bit of news watching.

Back, briefly, to the firing bit though. For the last couple of years in the CR, whenever a group of business people get together, they can be guaranteed to talk about one or both of the following subjects – how to find good people to come and work for us (unemployment in Prague, in particular, being so low with, subsequently, a huge demand for staff), and the cost of residential real estate in the city (huge demand and not enough supply). Sadly, of course, the situation that we are finding ourselves in now is going to change all of that – yet another sign of the invisible ‘hand of God’?  (Although, of course, it will be a lot different for Spain and the UK.)

So the news today continued along the same old lines, and we (and, by all accounts most of our friends) continue to be completely obsessed with this whole situation – Jan does the Czech news-watch, whilst I monitor the Spanish and UK news (and update my charts in an exceedingly obsessive way in order to keep tweeting the BBC and others that they are giving wrong figures).

We wondered, today, how we would manage this whole situation if we didn’t have the TV, laptops, phones, apps, etc – which led us to discuss our families, particularly our parents/grandparents who were in concentration camps – we have nothing to worry about in comparison. It reminds me of a story from when Jan visited Auschwitz with his kids and called his Mum – she asked where he was calling from and he said ‘Auschwitz’. To which she responded that no-one had ever called her from there before!  Puts it all into perspective.  (I might just add that he knicked a toilet roll from the loo there as he thought it was such an outrage that they were charging for using it!  And he, an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court!).

So, to finish on a lighter note – we still have no idea when we will head back to Prague for a number of reasons.  Which means, I am afraid, that this blog will be continuing for a while yet. And when we do…. I suppose this is what we have to look forward to….

window sunbathing