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Legans Law Office

We help you to master Czech bureaucracy

As practicing lawyers, we understand the difficulties foreigners have to overcome when settling down, acquiring a property or just visiting. Even more so, the significant part of the communications and proceedings is required to be held in a language other than the one they speak.

We give you the time you need, whether it is 20 minutes or 180 hours a month in addition we do not require any commitments. If you are not quite satisfied, you can cancel our partnership anytime.

  • Quick and efficient legal help.
  • Fluent English, French and German speaking advisors
  • Fixed and well-agreed rate in advance
  • Transparency

Address: Revoluční 1003/3, 110 00 Praha 1, Česká republika
Phone: + 420 778 116 185

FAQ (Our services)

Preparation and review of legal documents

We ensure all your rights are protected as intended in legally binding documents. We can prepare the entire document fitted to your demands or review your existing one.

Visa, permanent residency and immigration

We learned that formalities required by public authorities and proceedings held before them are often intimidating even for domestic citizens, therefore we understand the inconveniences foreigners encounter all the more so when not fully acquainted with local situations and language. We would like you to experience our home country without unnecessary difficulties, for this reason we provide you with full assistance with visa or permanent residency applications and other immigration matters.

Buying a property or renting home

Acquiring or construction of any real estate as well as construction work on existing property usually entails legal obstacles such as obtaining required authorizations or possible issues arising from the contract for work with the supplier. Such activity also raises many legal questions which the owner shall be prepared to address. Besides, long delays and severe financial losses can be often prevented when reasonably approached in time. We are prepared to propose contractual documentation, navigate you through administrative procedure and ensure your property is designed and executed as you intend.

Setting up business and its administration

Your mind is full of ideas how to introduce a new product to the market or improve your current business and we will not allow your project to be jeopardized by any bureaucratic procedure. We arrange and apply for all necessary permits to conduct business activity in the Czech Republic. Moreover, we can supervise and moderate important negotiations, prepare all business agreements and Terms & Conditions or help you resolve any B2B disputes.

Labour issues

We can offer complex support for both employers and employees. We provide you with employment contracts and internal directives as well as termination of employment contracts complying with valid legislation in the Czech Republic.

Family issues

Even the most beautiful occasions such as weddings can be spoiled with annoying formalities, especially for foreigners, who are required to address extra paperwork compared to domestic citizens.
On the other hand, resolving certain family issues is often quite exhaustive and painful and, in most cases, there is not enough energy to address necessary legal questions.

We have the experience to relieve you from the legal formalities in both pleasant and unpleasant situations in your life, so you can focus on what really matters. We take care of your issues including divorce, alimony payment claims, child custody, domestic violence cases with utmost respect to your privacy.

Assistance in proceedings

We are here to help and assist you with all proceedings held before any public authority regardless of the matter in question including personal assistance throughout the entire procedure or instant helpdesk, filing any application or submission to be addressed to such authority and protection against maladministration.

Judicial debt collection and other property matters

As we have many years of experience in asserting our client’s claims at the court, we are prepared to assist you in case your business partner has not paid the invoice for your services; delivered defective or unwanted goods; provided other defective performance; or payment of his debt is overdue.
In addition, we can also act as intermediary in disputes to achieve a reasonable settlement.

Our services also include data box and correspondence management with regular reports and with next steps proposed in individual cases when appropriate.

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