So this is my second posting of the day – I couldn’t help myself but to have a bit of a rant in the earlier one, mainly due to my new addiction to Twitter and Facebook and two hours in the early morning reading unbelievable stories of people still asking daft questions as to whether they can go out and do x, y and z in both countries, but many much worse ones in the UK. I still feel that, apart from maybe the US/New York (but even there they seem to have gone into all-out crisis now), London is going to be the worst hit of all in the end. Oh dear… off I go again.

Moving on. Well, this wasn’t an easy day to stay positive, I must say. First some absolutely gruelling videos on Twitter – one UK doctor doing an interview on London Live and completely breaking down on air, terrible pictures, again, from Spain and Italy… and then, as if it wasn’t bad enough, an earthquake in Croatia. One of my friends is in Prague now trying to manage his business, whilst his Croatian wife is stuck in London with their daughter, and her mother and son is in Zagreb going through whoever knows what. Difficult to know what to say to cheer him up, I am afraid.

Then we got the news that Spain has extended the lock-down until April 12th…. Not that surprising. It’s a little bit frustrating, of course, especially as, actually, Marbella and the Andalusian region generally has only had a limited number of cases/deaths – hopefully it will stay that way – but that is how it is. So if we are going to have to continue like this for three more weeks (at least) we decided that some radical action is needed.

First, I did my 7 routine again. Jan decided it would be more entertaining to video it (and no, I am not going to be posting it anytime soon) than to actually do it – again, not at all easy. But not enough to sustain my fitness for another three weeks. So next I downloaded an App giving lessons on Bollywood dancing, which will get its first airing in the morning and which we will do together… haha. You won’t recognise us by the time we get home – although… depending on how we get on, I might post a few photos tomorrow!!

Then, since it is Sunday and there are no shops open – and therefore no excuse to go outside – we pondered our fitness again, and got onto Amazon to see if we could buy an exercise bike or similar… but spookily, and literally just as I was about to press ‘buy’, an old friend from here offered us their own bike, since they are at home in Norway not in their house in Spain. I can’t believe quite how excited I get about even the simplest things now! Battered old bike duly collected and installed under the palm tree! Fantastic.

Talking about sport (and there isn’t very much of that TO talk about) I am wondering how anyone can think that the Olympics might go ahead now: however can any athlete be training at the moment or anytime soon? Probably the only ones that have any chance of being ready if it goes ahead will be the Chinese…. That’s an interesting thought.

This afternoon, in addition to writing my earlier blog, and spending a good bit of time on Twitter (oh GOD, I am going to need therapy by the time I get home – it is just so easy to press that ‘like’ or make a comment.. just can’t help myself. I even answered a tweet by Mr Babis (the Czech Prime Minister, in case you don’t know – but he hasn’t responded!), and had a bit of a chat with one of the former Dragons from Dragons Den in the UK (my favourite programme) whom I loved when she was on that, and love even more now – we discussed all the different work things we might do, if and when we ever get home.

Of course Jan, being a lawyer, and often a matrimonial one at that, is likely to be inundated with work since I am sure there will be a huge rise in the number of divorces/murders by then…….. whereas I do not see any possibility of working in marketing again – maybe back to my old ‘crisis management’ specialisation – but that’s all.  So far I have only really come up with being an ‘influencer’ – if anyone is looking for someone to promote their brand to the well-to-do and very old people’s market!! Or pool cleaner. Obviously needs a bit more thought.

Several of my friends, as mentioned before, suggested that I should attach photos to my blog each day. Today it has been raining, and we haven’t had so many ‘photo opportunities’. I will make up for that tomorrow. For now, therefore, I am just attaching a few photos of the Spanish army moving into Marbella to cheer up some of my lady friends!
More soon!