Watching the BBC News last night, seeing the pictures of tanks taking coffins through various towns in Italy, and hearing that nearly 10% of the people getting the virus seriously right now are doctors, was beyond upsetting. The consequence of that is that we drank way too much red wine and woke up this morning feeling hideous.

Unfortunately, the consequence of that was that when I started my now usual morning review of social media, I couldn’t help myself but to go off on a good old rant – on Twitter regarding the situation in the UK, and on a new Facebook ‘Corona Virus’ page directed at expats living in the Czech Republic.

In the UK, there is a huge amount of focus on the economic implications of closing everything down, whilst the expats in the Czech Republic are a mixed bunch, with many, in my opinion, being sensible, whilst others are more concerned with finding ways to bend the rules, plus, of course, how they will manage financially if they cannot work.

So far as the lock-down situation is concerned, I get it that the economies in all countries are going to be a disaster, and that is why I was completely against it, myself, until I got here (and am still, from a purely selfish point of view, as the remains of my semi-retired company have already burned to the ground). In the end, really, I suppose it comes down to ‘how many people dying is acceptable in order to save the economy’….

The problem, really, is that if a country doesn’t go into proper lock-down once the virus starts spreading, and people don’t behave appropriately if and when they do venture out, then there is no knowing how many people WILL die; it seems to me that pretty much all other countries except the UK (even the US now) have decided that it just isn’t safe to risk it. And the reason for that is not that this is some sort of ‘black plague’ that you can catch from the air, or from someone that has it being in the same room as you…. but because many of us will get it (may already have it), but may not show any symptoms at all, (or only very mild ones), so we can easily give it to someone that may be less able to fight it, without even knowing. And that is why we should stay indoors, or, if we go out, wear our masks, gloves, etc, and stay a good distance from anyone else. Not because we might catch the virus in some way and get very sick or die, but to avoid passing it on to someone if we actually do have it ourselves.

The good news from here in Spain, is that we can see that the lock-down is starting to take effect. The UK news loves to go on about how the numbers are rising still in Spain and Italy, which they are (although in Spain, especially, at a lesser rate) – but we are only six days into lock-down and all those people that were in hospital or had just got it beforehand, or had just got it and passed it on, are still infected or worse. But the numbers are slightly slowing, and over the next seven days I bet we will start to see a ‘levelling off of the curve’ (those words again). If not… well… what are the alternatives….?!

Even though the economists in the CR and UK are talking about the financial implications, and saying that we should avoid locking-down the whole country, and even if we agree with many of the things they say, it would be very difficult at this point to change course. At this stage, I think we have to just hang in there and make the best of it!!

Oh dear. Sorry about that. As I said, our mood has not been the best today, but still.. plenty of positives! After the ranting was over, I did my ‘7’ workout, which, in the circumstances, wasn’t at all easy (so, the guy on FB this morning that said he simply cannot manage without his daily walk-. try that!). And then I did my own regular walk to Aldi (can I just say that this requires walking down a very steep hill on the way there, another 30 mins on the flat, and then the same, but going back, with the hill to finish. I remember my trainer once saying to me that you can work out anywhere at any time, and that even walking along with shopping bags (he is like that… we women do the shopping rather than something more taxing) you can get a really good bit of arm toning by carrying the bags out straight in front of you, or even lifting them above your head as you walk. I tried that this morning, but I have to say that dressed in a mask that makes me look like something from the PLO, wearing gloves with a T shirt, and walking along swinging my shopping bags above my head, was not a good look, and I am pretty surprised that the police car that crawled past me didn’t arrest me on the spot).

So back home and another day ahead. Hours of watching the UK news and shouting at the screen, hours of sending messages, jokes and more amongst friends, and an ever lessening amount of time doing work, plus continuing with our ‘clean the pool project’. Before we knew it, and despite a bad start, the day whizzed past and suddenly it was 7.00 pm.

A few more random thoughts:

  • How quickly we can adapt to the situation if we get our heads around it; I am used to a pretty full-on working life, and now… just six days in… I am finding even staring at the water in the pool going down can be quite amusing and relaxing!
  • Just how nice everyone can be – I know we are lucky as there are two of us, but we are both spending half of our days chatting to friends on whatsapp, sending jokes around and, actually, thinking of new ideas and so on that we never usually have time for – I am even back in touch with some people that I haven’t spoken to for years, which is great!
  • It is possible to keep fit and to cope without training, even stuck indoors – you really don’t have to go out and run or whatever. I have spent the last 120 years training hard five days a week, so of course I miss it (and cannot imagine how bad my tennis will be when and if I ever get to hit a ball again.) But it’s OK….so far.