Once upon a time in a previous life, before I became serious and tried to be grown-up (although that life is starting to feel like a previous life too), I hung around with musicians… well, one or two in particular who shall remain nameless…. Sadly, in my serious and grown-up life I forgot how much I loved music, singing, dancing, etc, but now I am getting back to remembering how therapeutic they can all be.

The first thing that caught my eye this morning during my social media watch, was this link – for the grown-ups amongst you:


After that, my thought process went a bit downhill as, as mentioned yesterday, and as suggested by Adam, I decided to put together a list of music that best reflects our present situation, and which I then cycled to this morning for an hour (just to clarify; a few people that haven’t read my previous blogs asked me how it was possible to go out cycling when we are in such strict lock-down – this is on an exercise bike…..). My dear friend ‘Jan the Elder’, told me that even 20 minutes of cycling a day has made his bum rock-hard  …… not sure about mine yet but it is certainly painful (or, actually, whether that is a good thing in itself….!). Oh, and yes, I realise that some of you reading this may not have been born when some of these songs first came out, so look them up – this is just a few of them!!:

steps to the beach

• When the Going Gets Tough – Billy Ocean (yer, I know, obvious!)
• The Chinese Way (Level 42 – naughty?)
• Bicycle Ride (Queen)
• Love is All Around You (Wet, Wet, Wet – agggghhhhhhhh….)
• Imagine (John Lennon – same comment as above)
• Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins – ???!!)
• Doctor Doctor (Thomson Twins – sorry)
• Golden Brown (Stranglers – particularly relevant as a lovely hot day today)
• Viva Espana – (no idea who, but also obvious and meant!)

And, finally for this list, ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (Queen again), which seemed appropriate.

beach jg and jw

Whilst I was cycling, Jan was running up and down the garden – something that only two weeks ago he would have regarded as ridiculous – and he managed it for 45 minutes, which made him very happy. He may yet hit that marathon target. What he would also have regarded as ridiculous just that short, other lifetime ago, is (a) helping actually DO some gardening and (b) disco dancing in front of the TV for half an hour in order to continue with the music theme…. Those two activities, combined with a spot of sun-bathing, took us up to early evening and a bit more shouting at the TV.

I am sorry to keep going on about it, but the UK TV is really starting to drive me nuts. (I originally wrote ‘get my goat’ here, but realised that non English people may not understand this expression….. it reminds me of a time that one of my staff rushed into my office to tell me that her boyfriend (married…. ) ‘was being taken for a ride by his wife and she had no idea where the wife was taking him….!). Anyway, now. I know that I am a ‘PR person’ and I should know more than most how the media can twist things and make black sound white if they want to (Hell, I used to help them to do it!). But some of the reporting that the BBC is putting out about the situation here in Spain (and, therefore, we have to assume other countries too) is just NOT TRUE. Sadly, I can only think that they want to make it sound worse than it is in order to keep the pressure on people in the UK… but for those of us not in the UK it is pretty bloody annoying – and, as mentioned yesterday, concerning for some.

Just now, Spain is having the biggest number of deaths each day – as I said before, this has been expected as there are so many people still in intensive care and, by the very nature of that, may, sadly, not survive. BUT the number of new infections (i.e. people that are arriving into the hospitals) is going down nicely and the curve is flattening. If you are in the UK, therefore, bear that in mind when you look at the figures that they government is putting out now…

Phew. Got that out of the way. Just one last bit before I sign off for today. Us foreigners living in the Czech Republic, especially if they have been there for a long time (like me!), are not always over-nice about the Czech way of doing things (apologies to the Czechs reading, and Jan, who hears this all the time!!). But just now… you gotta be proud of them. For starters, take a look at this:


And finally. No chance to take useable photos today (certainly not of my biking, sun-bathing or disco dancing…!). So I have included a few pretty ones since it is Sunday!