Unfortunately I had a bit of insomnia last night and was awake, on and off, from about 3.00 am onwards. Part of the reason for it, I think, was that we ate fish last night. Now I might seem very normal…. but when it comes to food I am a bit weird, partly due to my having a lot of allergies, and partly, at the moment, because I am paranoid about getting sick…  That’s not because I am a hypochondriac or because I get sick a lot – I am not and I don’t (touch wood!). But I think one of the stresses that we all have just now is the fear of suddenly having to see a doctor.. I guess we are not alone in that….

So back to the fish – I think I am going to have to give up on it, as I am always worried about swallowing a fish bone.  And that worry turns itself into my feeling sick…. Add to that that I don’t eat much meat, and you can understand Jan’s concern, last night, that I (anyway) might have to live off cheese, bread, chocolate and red wine from now on. And there’s nothing wrong with that….!

Some interesting news came in during the night, though. First I heard that my blog is now being published on one of the Czech news portals! Blimey! I am very flattered since, as those of you that have been reading this blog from the start know, I really only did it to entertain myself. If, though, you are reading it for the first time, a couple of things to note – one is that I apologise in advance if I offend anyone – I am afraid I get very over-excited about some CV-19 topics (well… lots of topics really) – and second is that you should bear in mind that I am British, and we have very specific humour – (a) we like to take the piss out (excuse me) of ourselves rather than others, and (b) we can sometimes be a little cynical about things… so when I say that I am ‘very excited’ about being able to spend another day draining our pool, for example, I am not REALLY very excited… although……

spanish soldier 3

The other thing, and this really IS exciting, is that I saw this morning that a Spanish army plane returned from the CR last night with a load of masks and other gear for the hospitals here to use.  Well bloody HELL!  I know that this is not really the case, but I can’t help feeling a little tiny bit of pride that maybe I and some of my ‘friends in high places’ had something to do with it – but… whatever… .how great is that?  Actually, one of Jan’s friends suggested today that we should check-out when they might do another run, and hitch a ride back to Prague – for some reason, that sounds quite appealing, although I suspect it won’t actually happen….!   Anyway, you can read more here.

walking from aldi
show jumping

Right, so today.  I was a bit weary after only a couple of hours’ sleep, but a good walk in the sun to my new favourite supermarket Aldi cheered me up no end. If you think that Spain is all about dreadful English stag-nighters, high-rise hotels and apartment blocks, aka ‘Benidorm’ and others, not so. This part of Marbella is so beautiful, especially with no traffic or, actually, anyone, out on the road. As usual, I practised my steps – changing it up a gear today – it is exactly four normal strides between each crack in the pavement, so for some real excitement I tried varying it between three long strides (in show-jumping, ‘lengthening’ into a fence) and five short strides (‘shortening’) – and the usual 35 minutes went very fast.  (see the photo here for (a) what I mean by show-jumping and (b) what happens when you meet the take-off line correctly….  (and yes, you are right, whatever has this got to do with our house-arrest in Spain – not very much.   But I did say I was weary…)

Today the lock-down has been tightened up again in Spain, although, really, it isn’t so different – the only thing I can see is that the really bloody annoying building works nearby have stopped. I think I saw one person walking and maybe five cars – which is still, occasionally, a little bit scary if I think about it – although the likeliness of anyone jumping out at me dressed up in my mask, sunglasses and gloves, is pretty remote!  Also, and another vague stress… very wild hair!!  Both Jan and I have lots of the stuff, as you may have seen, and despite the earlier law (which lasted one day) which allowed hairdressers to stay open (and how we laughed then!) that is a distant memory. I did say this morning that I could probably have a go at cutting Jan’s hair, but there is no way on earth he is coming near mine…. ! I shall ponder that for a while.

Other than this morning’s excitement, the rest of the day was actually quite normal – we both found ourselves with some REAL work to do, and that was very enjoyable.  A consequence of that is that, to Jan’s disappointment, we have had to delay our Bollywood dance training until later today, plus I am thinking that I may take a day off my 7 fitness app today as, despite everything, we have almost overdone the exercise in the last few days…

Another good thing… I have even managed to avoid shouting at the TV, which is a first – but I can feel it starting….