Amid the doom and gloom of the pandemic, thereʼs been a silver lining: the explosion of virtual entertainment. As restrictions are loosening, options for getting out are starting to open up. But for now, online is the place to be. Prague Spring tops the virtual highlights this week. The venerable festival was poised to celebrate its 75th birthday with one of the strongest lineups in recent years, opening with a rare appearance by the Berlin Philharmonic and closing with the Czech Philharmonic performing Beethovenʼs glorious Ninth Symphony. Shut down by the virus crisis, festival organizers rebounded with a tasty set of 11 live and encore performances, which are being streamed for free. Whether youʼre a classical music devotee or aRead more.

Jumping on Skype for their regular Sunday Skypeisode session, Anna schools Kenny on the more common myths around COVID19. From the credible, if wrong, rumours to the more ridiculous myths, here is a run-down on the facts Anna sources from the World Health Organisation and other credible sources. These Skypeisode videos are a series of videos shot from the (semi) comfort of Anna and Kenny’s homes during the Czech Republic’s State of Emergency. Did you check previous episodes? They are right here, in Anna’s What’s up Prague show. Follow Anna and Kenny in their discussions and debates on current affairs in Prague and the wider Czech Republic. Other videos: CitySpy Prague on YouTube PragueTV on YouTube No related posts.Read more.

I decided last night to ‘self-isolate’ and banished Jan to another room so that I could try to make up for my lack of sleep the night before. He was delighted, as it meant he could stay up until God knows what time watching who knows what on the TV, and it worked for me, to such an extent that I slept right through until 8.00 am and woke up ready to be ‘up and at ‘em!’ Obviously this meant a quick check through social media before getting started, and during my Facebook troll I noticed an advert that has been running for a while for ‘Face Exercises’ – apparently, doing these for five minutes a day will make youRead more.