Being an expat living in The Czech Republic is generally pretty great. There are so many benefits to living in this country that many people soon decide to make it their permanent home. Aside from the beauty of this country and its focus on family and personal time, there’s also the excellent healthcare system, decent pay for employees, and the fact that you’re right in the middle of Europe and hopping to new locales is a cinch (at least it was before Covid). Of course, there are some negatives, and the one that is perhaps complained about more than any other is the level of trickery heaped on unsuspecting expats by Czech property owners. It is quite common to hearRead more.


By: We would like to introduce you to ultra-modern apartments in a new generation residential building located in the vibrant Holešovice district. Most people that move to Prague are looking for fresh adventures, ideas, new people, basically something unknown and exciting to look forward to in general. However, finding a suitable place to live can be a challenging task. This process is always time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, the Foreigners agency is here to help and offer you the best place for newcomers, where they can live comfortably, along with convenient access to public transport, supermarkets, and fitness centres. And that’s exactly what they have in the pocket now. How Are These Apartments Different from Others? This housing is perfectRead more.

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Students scrambling to find accommodation will have an easier time come September when The Fizz Project opens its doors in the trendy Holesovice neighborhood. Prague has long represented a popular destination for foreign students due to lower costs and cheaper tuition than many students pay back home. But the surge of students in recent years makes it difficult to find affordable accommodation as rents rise across the historic city. “Every September is a nightmare for me”, Mary, a student from Ukraine said. “I usually spend my summer back home and when I come back to Prague in autumn – it’s horrible. I am always stuck living in a hotel or a friend’s place for almost a month until I find a room withRead more.