A friend of mine recently found out about a new place opening in Prague and shared the information on Facebook.  It was a bar – which isn’t really my thing – but what intrigued me was that it was also being advertised as a screening room.  Not a cinema, a screening room.  A hybrid space for film connoisseurs and taste-makers.  Prague is actually an excellent city for film lovers and, aside from the big-ticket cinemas like CineStar and Cinema City, there are a wealth of independent cinemas like Bio Oko and the new Edison Film Hub as well as summer pop-up cinemas (I recently posted about the summer cinema our friends at Žluté Lazné just wrapped for the season –Read more.

Prague being the modern city it is, you’re able to find almost anything you could want here.  Truly.  Whatever you’re in the mood for, someone is probably selling it…  and if it doesn’t yet exist here, someone is probably importing it… but there are still some things that, while they’ve become available here, the country has been slow to adopt.  Within that small category I would list certain sweets.  Chief among them? Cupcakes. Now before you think I would speak ill of Czech desserts, I should preface things by saying that Czech pastries are some of the best in the world and, being the sugar-holic I am, I have been known to enjoy many a Czech sweet…  in consideration ofRead more.