Following Czech city council concerns regarding the “One China” policy and withdrawal from the sister city program with Beijing (still to be approved by the City Assembly), Chinese officials have given stern warnings to the Czech council.

The Chinese Embassy in Prague released the following statement, “This type of action can be termed a breach of faith, and does harm to China and the Czech Republic’s relationship and the atmosphere of cooperation and exchange.”

The current pressure from Beijing seems to be pushing Czech resolve that China allow debate on the “One China” principle and in particular Taiwanese sovereignty. Prague city leadership has reiterated that the sister city program (signed in 2016) should not extend to diplomatic matters and is meant for cultural exchange and improving relations.

On Wednesday, Beijing cancelled the sister city exchange with Prague and said in part they hope the Czech Republic “make(s) a fresh start and return(s) to the correct path that promotes the development of bilateral relations.”

Source: Reuters

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