Government backs plan to prepare for terror attacks on soft targets The government on Wednesday backed a three-year Ministry of Interior plan setting out how best to protect and react to possible terrorist attacks on so-called soft targets. The plan calls for a public campaign to tell people how to react and possible training of selected workers. Steps should also be taken at some possible targets, such as shopping and sports centres and tourist resorts, to prepare for attacks and how to limit casualties, for example, from follow-up attacks, the plan adds. The report to the government warns that it appears that terrorists will increasingly target soft targets characterised by high concentrations of people. Tax on one crown bonds getsRead more.

Two soccer internationals caught up in drug investigation Two Czech football internationals have become caught up in a police investigation into an alleged drug dealer, the Czech Radio station Radiožurnál reported on Tuesday. Former Viktoria Plzeň player Ondřej Vaněk is suspected of acquiring narcotics from Vítězslav Meišner, who has been charged with selling ecstasy and cocaine. Current Plzeň player Jan Kopic is suspected of loaning Meišner CZK 500,000. The two players are due to appear as witnesses when the case comes to court soon, Czech Radio said. The station has police evidence that appears to show Vaněk, who now plays in the Russian league, asking Meišner to find him some “pills”. Kopic is said to have made the substantial loanRead more.

Czech politicians concerned over outcome of Turkish referendum Czech politicians have expressed concern regarding Turkey’s future course in the wake of Sunday’s referendum which gave President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers. President Milos Zeman said that under its present leader Turkey was moving away from a secular state and democracy. Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaorálek noted that while Turkey stood on the brink of far-reaching political reforms, it was and would remain an important partner and ally for the Czech Republic, the EU and NATO. Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobradek pointed to the close referendum result, saying it would be interesting to see how Turkey would deal with the deep divisions in society over the country’s future course. Czech MEPRead more.