When Elon Musk first announced his entry into the automotive space, many people shrugged. Why would the tech billionaire want to get involved with a car company? Founded in July 2003 by engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, the venture, named as a tribute to famed inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, was started with seed money from Musk. In fact, up to 98% of the initial funding came from Musk who then served as Chairman of the Board with Eberhard serving as CEO. One year later, Musk joined the company along with two other investors who retroactively named themselves company founders and Musk took over the role of CEO. Musk told the media at that time that he viewedRead more.

Sticking around Prague this holiday season but wanting to venture out and see some nearby countries? Wondering the best way to travel? Well read on, we’ve got some info for you! One of the great things about living in Prague – and there are many great things – is its centrally located location in Europe.  The Czech Republic is known as “The Heart of Europe” for good reason and we are surrounded by excellent cities for a bit of touristing.  From Bratislava to Warsaw, from Berlin to Vienna, or even Budapest, you can get to our neighboring countries relatively easily and, if you’d like to hop further abroad to places like Paris or London, for example, you only have toRead more.

Living in a city with such excellent public transportation options often means that the average resident doesn’t own a car and, even if they do have one, they often only use it for trips out of town.  Another factor in deciding whether or not to own (or even rent) a car in the city is the availability of parking.  Prague, like many major metropolitan cities, has an abundance of lots where resident’s can pay to park for a monthly fee… but that fee is often nearly as high as the rents here and, if you live here, you know that’s super expensive. So what’s a resident to do? What if you have friends driving over from Germany or Austria? WhereRead more.