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Have you or anyone you know had to seek out legal advice while living in the Czech Republic? Maybe you’re having issues getting your Visa sorted. Maybe you moved here for a relationship that dissolved and you need help initiating divorce proceedings. Maybe you want to start a brick and mortar business here in Prague and need help making sense of all of the necessary paperwork and filings. Or maybe you rented a flat from someone who you feel is being… a little bit tricky with contracts. Whatever the case may be, finding legal representation can be a difficult process no matter where you live in the world. Lawyers seem to speak another language and the issue can be compoundedRead more.

While Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, the US is being hit particularly hard and rapidly approaching 125,000 fatalities. But right here in the Czech Republic the numbers are on the rise again – though only in a certain region.  The announcement that the daily number of new coronavirus cases reached its highest point since April 8th was a sobering reminder that, despite the government continuing to relax restrictions, the battle to contain the virus is still far from over. On the 28th, the Health Ministry announced 260 new cases – triple the previous days announcement of 93 new cases. This brings the total number of cases (as of this writing) to 11,603. While that number is high,Read more.

In the last several days there have been brutal but unrelated knife attacks in both The Czech Republic and Slovakia.  The first of the the attacks were on the outskirts of Prague where three women were attacked by one man in three separate incidents. All three women were attacked on Sunday June 7th. The first attack took place at the bus station in Letnany around 9:30pm, followed shortly thereafter by an attack in Opatov near a student housing building called Blanice and then a third attack also in Opatov. The first woman he attacked was able to break free of the man (as seen, slightly obscured, in surveillance footage from the bus station) and she ran to a group ofRead more.