The Czech Health Ministry has today announced that they are re-instating a number of meaures related to the spread of the Coronavirus in the Czech Republic.  Despite these reintroduced rules, they have also stated that they assess the current epidemiological situation in the country as “stable.”  Based on the current available data, the government announced that masks will once again be required at any event with over 100 attendees – this includes both public and private events like weddings and funerals. This precaution goes into effect as of tomorrow (25.07). Oddly, non-organized events in which over 100 people are present – in a bar, for example – are not subject to the mask requirement.  Additionally, the maximum number of peopleRead more.

Following a party at a club in Prague 2, more than 60 people – including players from the Bohemka, Sparta and Dukla sports teams – have become infected with Covid-19 stoking fears that the city will soon see a larger spike.  As of this writing (23.07) there are some 5062 infected people country-wide according to the Health Ministry, though the total number of fatalities is still less than 400. Compared to that of the US (2.6+ million active cases and more than 145,000 fatalities), the UK (250,876 active cases and over 45,000 fatalities), or even Italy (12,322 active cases and just over 35,000 fatalities), the Czech Republic has been handling the virus relatively well. The Ministry has stated that theRead more.

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