Entering week 3 for some, 4 for others, Anna and Kenny admit to starting to feel at least a little “closed in”. But worry not, Anna leads Kenny on some tips on both keeping busy, find time for you and finding some normality during Prague’s COVID19 state of emergency. Follow them both through “lock down” here. Did we miss something? Hit us up here. Other videos: CitySpy Prague on YouTube PragueTV on YouTube No related posts.Read more.

It is highly likely that the Coronavirus will show up in the Czech Republic sooner or later, and with hysteria about it overtaking the news, we thought it might be a good idea to pass along some information about steps you can take to avoid it and other types of respiratory infection. In truth, in terms of transmission, the Coronavirus is not that different from the flu which is currently making its way through the country with a more brutal “season” than in years past. If you’ve been online recently you’ve likely noticed, perhaps for the first time, advertisements for masks, gloves, or other tools to aid in the prevention of contracting a virus. Unfortunately, most of these will notRead more.

Now that Brexit has finally happened, many people are left wondering how things will work between the UK and EU member states… the chief concern, of course, is what it will mean for UK citizens living in the Czech Republic and Czech or EU citizens living in the UK and the second most asked question is: What will travel to the UK look like now? The simple answer to both is that… in the long term, it’s tricky. But the good news is that, at least for the moment, not much will change at all. In fact, the UK is now in what the government is calling “a transition period” until the end of 2020 while the UK government andRead more.