November 1st – 15th:

(Virtual FilmFest) 3Kino Film Festival

This traditional annual film festival has hosted its array of international films competing together online, and you can catch them on their website above! With competing contenders from Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary, you can catch the recent groundbreaking Czech hit “The Painted Bird”, to the depiction of a relationship between a Roma woman and the white, Slovak owner of a market stand who eventually hires her to work for him after catching her stealing in “Loli Paradicka”. All films and live discussions are hosted on the site linked above until November 15th!

November 10:

(Virtual Panel): 2020 Post-Election Debrief: Holding Space & Moving Forward hosted by The University of Colombia

Phew. Well, that was easy. If you’re still discombobulated from the chaos of 4-days of an America without a President, or simply tired of the amount of times you’ve heard the word “Nevada” within 86-hours, than this discussion hosted by the premier university of Colombia will provide a welcome place of solace. Listen in on brilliant political and social experts as they dissect the meaning behind this year’s election results, and what changes in certain demographics mean for the future of this young but fervently attention-grabbing nation.

November 12:

(Virtual Interview) Creating and pitching TV hits with “Jane the Virgin” showrunner presented by Women’s Weekend Film Challenge.                            

Lights. Camera. Script? If you’ve ever heard of the iconic underdog story of how Sylvestor Stallone, living out of his car, sold the plot for “Rocky” to film studios, then you have an idea of just how much work goes into getting a story off the ground. Whether you’re an aspiring film creator, or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes of your favorite shows, then this interview is perfect for you. Not only will the showrunner of one of the most popular shows in American Television provide insight into what it takes to achieve success, but you will also have the chance to submit an “elevator pitch” for would-be producers that they may dissect and provide feedback for live on stage!

(Virtual Seminar) Covid-19 and development: the politics of uncertainty hosted by the Institute of Development Studies

With countries around the world embracing a full lockdown for the 2nd time, this discussion hosted by Sussex University asks what it takes to achieve a politics of responsibility in a time of pandemic. Join them to hear what productive action needs to be take forward, and if not, what a 3rd wave might just look like for the world.

November 14:

(Virtual Tour): Louvre Museum Live Interactive guided by The Tour Guy.

It’s time to take a break in one of the world’s most iconic museums. Join this interactive tour hosted live by a Parisian guide through the licensed The Tour Guy Company. Explore the mysteries of the Louvre and the history of the statues and paintings within this Saturday!

All November:

(Virtual Performances) Festival Brikcius

A chamber music concert is something which attracts and delights locals and tourists alike to Prague and the greater Czech Republic. Now, you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy live performances of some of Bohemia’s most talented classical musicians. See their programme at the link above to know when to catch performances by renowned Cellists, Violinists, and orchestras playing throughout the month of November.

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila