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Ever wanted to wear a map of the Prague metro?

Now you can thanks to Maappi, a new pop-up store that will be selling t-shirts, hoodies, posters, iPhone cases, coffee mugs, and coolest of all, Converse sneakers based on artistic designs of Prague’s metro map (along with some other metro maps from cities around the world).

The designs are the concept of Matěj, a 13-year-old boy with a severe form of Asperger’s Syndrome who has long been fascinated with metro maps both real and imagined, and has been drawing his own versions of the maps for years.

After being inspired by the movie Dior and I, Matěj’s family was inspired to print his unique designs on a backpacks, bed linen, and other materials. And following some interest in the concept at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, the brand Maappi was born.

As you can see in the picture of the Converse sneakers above, Matěj’s design includes not only the familiar three existing lines on the Prague metro, but also some additional ones – an idea, perhaps, of what the Prague metro might look like 50 years from now.

Matěj has also designed a potential metro system for Brno, along with original designs of other metro systems around the world.

You can buy Mappi products through the brand’s official website, which has the Converse sneakers with designs for Brno and Paris (2490 – 2790 crowns).

But you can also shop Maappi products at a new pop-up shop in the Kotva department store in central Prague, which will open on June 4 on the ground floor of the complex.

The limited edition Prague Converse shoes will only be available in from the pop-up Kotva shop.

Matěj’s parents want to use some of the proceeds from the products to help support the care and education of children like Matěj.

Read more about the Maappi pop-up shop in Kotva and Matej’s story at the official Maappi website and Facebook page.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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