Just because most of Prague’s best attractions are currently closed doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the city’s culture.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Prague straight from your living room –from live streams to virtual tours to unique online experiences. 

Live Prague concerts, movies and performances

– For the first time ever, the National Theater is offering a number of online performances, including a live broadcast of Don Giovanni and a chance to watch Rigoletto during the entire month of March directly through their website.

– Catch the online premiere of AI: When a Robot Writes a Play on the Svandovo Divadlo website on February 26th. Or stop by for other performances throughout the month of March (and maybe beyond)

– Enjoy one of the many events streaming directly from tearoom A Maze in Tchaiovna – everything from live music to trivia games to storytelling nights. 

– Rock along with the many live performances sponsored by Rock Cafe Prague

– Stream one of the many movies available from Kino Svetozor, one of Prague’s oldest art cinemas. Online screenings include a great mix of Hollywood blockbusters, obscure little gems, and Czech classics. Just buy your ticket, make some popcorn, and create your own movie night.

Museum and Gallery Virtual Tours

– Visit the country’s largest museum without leaving your home. The National Museum is home to 14 million items, including fossils, historical artifacts, music and art collections, and much more.  While you can’t possibly see them all from home –that would take a while!– you can tour many of the permanent exhibits through the museum’s virtual tours.

– Step inside the heart of the city by visiting some of the most famous historical buildings in Prague. The City of Prague Museum offers virtual tours to the Old Town Bridge Tower, the Lesser Town Tower, and the Ctěnice Chateau.

– Travel through time inside the National Technical Museum, where you can see everything from 1945 fighter planes to meteorites, medieval sundials, and a functioning 19th-century photography studio.  

– Take a virtual tour of the largest collection of art in the Czech Republic. Wander through the halls of the National Gallery to discover the art of the Middle Ages, oriental art, modern and contemporary paintings, and an impressive selection of Baroque art in Bohemia. 

– Experience a mix of digital content at the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, where fine art, architecture, video and interactive exhibits all come alive under one roof.