Stream International’s Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš have made a name for themselves and their Honest Guide series by exposing some of Prague’s worst scams – and, hopefully, saving some the city’s tourists from getting ripped off.

In one of their most popular videos, the duo tackles what they call ‘Prague’s worst tourist trap’: an exchange office right on Old Town Square that promotes a 0% commission – but gives tourists a drastically reduced exchange rate.

While standing outside the exchange office and warning tourists about the shady exchange office, they even appear to be putting themselves in potential trouble after police are called in.

But that hasn’t deterred them in the past, and this week Honza & Janek are back to fight exchange offices across Prague that are ripping off tourists.

In their latest video, the Honest Guide’s tongue-in-cheek goal is to make these dishonest Prague exchange offices more honest. To accomplish this, they’ve printed out numerous stickers that inform passers-by what the real exchange rates are.

Because the exchange office on Old Town Square promotes 0% commission but actually only gives tourists 16 crowns per euro, the commission is really 42% – something Honest Guide points out by plastering a giant “42% commission” sticker on top of the 0% sign.

It doesn’t always go down well:

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Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

The versatile Danny Lee has been living in Prague and writing about the Czech capital for the past 15 years. You've probably read his work in the past without even knowing it.
Daniel Lee