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Whether you’re a driver, a cyclist, or a pedestrian, one of the first things you learn while traversing Prague’s winding streets is that the city’s trams have the right of way.

Of course, not everyone follows the rules.

A recent video posted to YouTube shows some recent near misses in the Czech capital, as cars and pedestrians don’t respect the rules of the road and put both themselves and passengers on Prague’s public transport in danger.

Some of the most common incidents for Prague tram drivers include automobiles making a left turn in front of oncoming tram traffic going straight, and others making a u-turn on Prague’s narrow streets only to find themselves stuck in the middle of the tram tracks.

But Prague tram drivers also experience some other unusual sights on their daily journey.

In the video below, a driver picks up one elderly woman who is standing in the middle of the road (“this isn’t a tram stop,” he calmly explains to her afterwards), and witnesses another poor woman fall right on her face while running to catch the tram.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Prague from the point of view of the city’s tram drivers, this video is for you:

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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Daniel Lee