Looking to explore an old castle and a medieval town? You’re in luck. There is an old Gothic castle perched onto of a hill only about 45 minutes away from Prague. The river also flows nearby and the the small town is beautiful, quaint and worth checking out. Interested? Here’s how to get there.

First stop is getting to the main train station — Hlavni Nadrazi. There you can purchase your tickets round-trip for 99 crowns per person. You can do this or you can avoid the hassle all together and just purchase it online at http://www.cd.cz (highly recommended). That way, you can just pull out your smartphone and show them the code (saving paper, yay)!

If you’re going during the summer, the view is breathtaking. You can give your eyes a treat and take in parts of the countryside as well as a lot of greenery that you just don’t get enough of in Prague. Take in the view of the river following the train tracks and see the forests, fields and nature in general. It’s worth the 99 crowns, believe me.

What is the name of the stop you get off at? Simple. You will get off at Karlstejn. To get to the castle, it’s an easy walk. Follow the road and the crowds up the hill to the castle. You can also take your time to meander through the town and stop to see all the food stalls and trinkets.

Be sure to bring your camera because the view from the castle is worth keeping (on your computer or to be printed out as postcards to send back home).

To get back, go back to the train station where you got off and simply take it back home to Hlavni Nadrazi. Don’t worry if you don’t catch the exact train time that was indicated on the ticket.

You can take any train back as long as the ticket is for that day and as long as there is still a train going in your direction.