Wanting to catch a train to get out of the city and discover a new Czech town? The Czech Republic sure does offer a handful of cool regions and areas to check out, but if you prefer to keep the adventure small, there is a town just outside of Prague (about 30 kilometres) — Beroun.

You can think of Beroun as a mini-micro version of Prague. Everything that you’ve got going on in Prague is also going on in Beroun but at a much much tinier scale and then cut that scale in half. Beroun has got one main square which carries all the same basics as any other square in CZ — bata, the tall religious monuments, banks, grocery, language schools, offices, etc. There is also a very beautiful river that runs through the entire city, similar to Prague.

Beroun is a pretty cool place to check out because the city used to be an enclosed fortress. You can still see the remains and ruins of the fortress walls just along the outskirts of the city center. The two main tower gates which were once connected to the fortress walls still stands as well.

After seeing the remains of the walls, you can go and check out 3 bears that are residing in Beroun. These bears are being monitored and taken care of by the city as “the bear” represents the city. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Aside from this, you can just check out the little streets that this city has to offer. The architecture is quaint and colourful and the streets are much quieter than in Prague. On Mondays they have a farmers market in the main square with a lot of cool trinkets, pottery, and food that you can browse through. During Christmas time, the markets are up for the season and you can find a bunch of normal-priced and homemade decorations and sweets for the holidays.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Beroun, don’t worry — they’ve got The Black Dog. This Black Dog restaurant is supposedly (according to Czechs and many living in Beroun) the best burger joint in the Czech Republic. I have tried and tested it and I must say it is definitely on my list of top 3 burger joints, for sure. So if you’ve got some time and an empty stomach, stroll down the main street until you see The Black Dog — yes, it’s worth it.

Now that we’ve established that this quaint town exists, how do you get there? Quite simply.

From Hlavni Nadrazi, you can take any train that goes in the direction of Radotin or Beroun. Trains run pretty often, at least 2-3 times an hour during peak times and once an hour during the slower times. You can take two different types of trains — basically a fast one or a slow one. The fast one takes 35 minutes from Prague to Beroun, or the slower one takes 56 minutes (still not too bad). You can also take the train from Smichovske Nadrazi which will decrease the time as well.

Train tickets can be bought online at (http://www.cd.cz/). You don’t even have to print the tickets. Just show them a screenshot of the QR code or your transaction number, and you’re all set! Forget about waiting in line and trying to discuss the ticket options.

Another option is by bus. I’ve personally never used this method but I know a few people who swear that it is pretty simple and question why I have never done it before. To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I like trains. But for this way, you can take the metro to Nove Budovice and then take bus #184 until you reach the city center. It’s supposed to take around 35 minutes, so it does seem like a great option if taking trains is not your thing.