Pilsen is a queen of the brewery industry, thanks to Charles IV, who established the first brewery in the country in 1375. We all know that it is not a mind-blowing fact we are revealing to you here. We all know what Pilsner beer is.  Let’s be honest: we all tried draft beer while socializing in Prague. Most likely, you gave a chance to Pilsner Urquell (if you have not tried it yet, run to the next-door pub) to experience the taste of the western vibe of the Czech Republic.  Back to the main point-the Pilsen trip. It is much more than just an authentic brewery. Discover what you can do there in less than a day!  A quick historyRead more.

The Czech Republic is one of the perfect places for those who love to discover something new, get lost on the beaten path, and explore the beauty of our beautiful nature. Tiské Steny is one of the places that almost all outdoor lovers should visit during their hike in Bohemian Switzerland. Find out what Tiské Steny has in store for you! Tiské Steny: in a nutshell  Tiské Steny is an exceptional gift of nature, located in the western part of Bohemian Switzerland. From the geographical point of view, the breakthrough landscape of the Ore Mountains is waiting for your visit. It is also the perfect spot to take a break from hiking, have a coffee and snack break, or simplyRead more.

Most of Prague’s citizens are familiar with SAPA in one or another way. Some of them heard about the market from friends and colleagues; others get unique treats. In 2021, SAPA is not only a marketplace but also a community center of education and culture.  The origin of the SAPA has an amusing story. Sa Pa is a mountain resort in the north of Vietnam, in the province Lao Cai. It has various ethnic minorities, and it is one of the tourist attractions in the region. For example, you can find the highest point of Southeast Asia – Fansipan (3143m) in Sa Pa.  No wonder that the marketplace in Prague is named after this beautiful place! Located in Prague 4Read more.