Mucha, The Family Collection, an exclusive installation, appeared at the Waldstein Riding School in the mid-summer. Since then, it has welcomed hundreds of art-nouveau enthusiasts and enlightened them with artworks from a private collection that had never been shown before to anyone.

The exhibition runs till October 31, 2022, or, as we may say, till spooky Halloween. Do not miss the opportunity to see Mucha’s masterpieces in the heart of Old Town!

Alfons Mucha: the Czech idol

Mucha was a Czech artist best known for his contributions to the Art Nouveau movement due to his extensive travels throughout Europe. His works included various illustrations, advertisements, and decorative panels with a special touch, primarily used by cultural entities such as theaters, operas, and museums. 

Mucha did not just make simple designs to attract potential customers. He went beyond decorative values – bringing art to the streets of various European capitals, including Prague. 

In fact, Mucha’s artworks were a milestone in the history of modern art, especially graphic design. 

It is not a secret that Mucha has a special place in the hearts of the Czechs. His artworks go around town with “digital” installations, bringing the legendary masterpieces to the younger generation. The most recent exhibitions were iMucha and Mucha eMotion

Mucha: The Family Collection

The Family Collection of Mucha’s paintings differs from the style we are all used to. The artworks presented in the exhibition represent his philosophical opinions, and visions of the home and feature one of his muses, Sarah Bernhardt. 

 The exhibition shows the inner vulnerabilities of Mucha, something no one has ever seen before.

The story of Mucha is told with the help of different paintings, sculptures, and photographs that are presented for the first time to the general public. 

“We wish to show my grandfather not only as a versatile artist but also as a Czech, European, and world citizen in the best sense of the word, who firmly believed that one of the basic tasks of art is not to destroy but build bridges, ” said John Mucha, grandson of Alfons Mucha and President of the Mucha Foundation. 

The installation focuses on the artist’s main life stages: his childhood in South Moravia, his studies in Paris, and friendships with artists such as Paul Gauguin and Auguste Rodin. 

Getting to Waldstein Riding School

The easiest way to get to Waldstein Riding School is by public transport—tram or metro. As for the tram, hop on the line (12,18 or 22) and exit at Malostranská station. For the metro, use the green/A line and drive to Malostranská station. 

When you arrive at Malostranská, Waldstein Riding School will be right in front of it. You can enjoy the Waldstein Garden before or after the exhibition. 


The price of admission for adults is 240 Kč. For students and seniors, the ticket price will be 150 Kč with a valid ID card. At the same time, family entry costs 500 Kč, and admission for children is free. 

 You can purchase tickets online by following this link or at the spot. 

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