The sunny days in Prague bring perks that you could not enjoy to the fullest in the gloomy or cloudy weather. One of these activities is yoga—in the garden, on the rooftop, or in an open-air studio. Whatever you want, there are as many options as fish in the sea!

We dug deeper into the yoga events happening this week (May 30 – June 5), and here are our favorites.

Flow & Energy: Yoga at Kunsthalle Praha 

Kunsthalle Praha is a modern art gallery that recently premiered with its roaring exhibition, 100 Years of Electricity. It represented the history of electricity in the Czech Republic and the vision and perception of the power concept by some contemporary artists.

If you still have not visited it, perhaps yoga is an excellent reason to stroll through the halls and receive the ultimate burst of energy at the end. The all-day ticket for Kunsthalle Gallery with a yoga experience in a modern art space will cost 350 Kč. Available to purchase on GoOut, or the spot. 

Back to the main event-flow and energy yoga. The representatives shared some exclusive details about it, and we can say that you can try Vinyasa yoga, multiple meditation techniques, and the magnificent DJ set by Dash. What else do you need for relaxation after a busy week, right? 

Anna, a yoga guru and your friend in the meditation sphere, will accompany you through all the easy and, at the same time, challenging sets with her assistant Lisa. ‘We will sweat and move together in the spacious top floor gallery, followed by a grounding meditation,’ underlined yoga instructors Anna and Lisa. 

The event will take place this Thursday, June 2, 2022. Be sure to book in advance. The spaces fill up with yoga and art enthusiasts as quickly as the lightning. 

Vyšehrad-inspired yoga

Vyšehrad is known for its historical heritage and the birthplace of some myths, whether they are true or just old-town gossip (more about it here). It saved people from disasters and helped them survive life-or-death situations. In other words, it was and still is a sacred place with the vibes of spirituality, which is ideal for the yoga session. 

The session’s theme will be Hatha Yoga, a new variation that is always good for your mental and physical health. ‘I will be guiding mostly standing poses, although I prefer flow. I will instruct a Hatha session for all of you, but it might get a bit flowy sometimes,’ confessed the event organizer, Dimitris. 

The event will be on a sunny Saturday, June 4, 2022. Don’t forget your mat and mates! More details about the location and the itinerary are available on the Facebook announcement, just here

Yoga & brunch at Share studio 

The perfect way to start your Saturday is with a powerful and spiritual activity such as yoga, with a great view of our beautiful center of Prague, with plenty of red-roof buildings correlating with the fairytale sense. 

Imagine you are the main character of Lindgren’s masterpiece, Karlsson on the Roof, flying around to get the most delicious snacks and find the perfect place to chill. 

The event’s itinerary looks fabulous, and I could not argue with it! Yoga workshops start as early as 9 a.m. This could be challenging for night owls or who love to sleep more than anything on the weekend. ‘We will guide you through the sequence of movements and breaths,’ say, event representatives. 

The good thing is that you can join any yoga workshop till 11 a.m. After the sweaty and mighty workout, you are welcome to have refreshments and a well-deserved brunch that will be served till 1 p.m! 

Since there are a limited number of spaces, book in advance here! The price for an exclusive package of yoga workshop (approx. 120 minutes) and brunch, including sweets and cakes, costs 590Kč.

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