The Signal festival is returning to Prague with its new enlightening program that symbolizes ten years of the event. The streets of Prague will be lightened again for a couple of days, promoting contemporary and visual art, urban space notions, and modern technology. 

The event will run for four days, from October 13, 2022, to October 16, 2022. 

What is the Signal Festival?

The Signal Festival is a unique event that promotes the digital and creative culture of the city. Since 2012, the event has linked a synergy between contemporary visual art, urban space, and modern technology. Together, all these three components work the best, delivering excellent outcomes. 

“The program was created by renowned foreign and Czech artists in light design, visual and digital art, AI, and conceptual art. It links the historical backdrop of beloved Prague with state-of-the-art technologies and contemporary social issues, ” said Signal Festival organizers.

For the past ten years, Signal has welcomed more than three million visitors to Prague. This is according to the statistics of only the sold tickets to the “pre-paid” parts of the exhibition. In reality, the number must be twice as significant due to the open, aka “free” exhibits. 

Despite its annual appearance on Prague streets, Signal offers various activities for art enthusiasts. For instance, it organizes side events for children, professionals, and students of art schools. On top of that, it cooperates with several cultural institutions within the Czech Republic. 

Signal Festival 2022

In 2022, the Signal Festival will celebrate ten years since its establishment. That is why this event is significant not only for the project’s organizers and masterminds but also for Prague, its residents, and visitors.

“For ten years, we have been lighting up Prague and connecting contemporary visual art, urban space, and modern technology. This year, we will introduce a new route in the city district and new installations. As a gift, we will re-light the most beautiful installations you loved over the years,” confessed Signal Festival organizers. 

The experience of the tenth edition of Signal Festival promises to be special, combining old and new sites into one – how we all like in good old times. 


The festival’s program includes exhibits, installations, and pleasant surprises in different areas of old-school Prague. Whenever you go, you might see something enlightening and marvelous. A hidden path is full of gems that you need to discover!

As for the artists, numerous art gurus contributed to the event and its anniversary celebration. Among them, you can find Refik Anadol, Maxim Velčovský,  Ondřej Zunka, Shohei Fujimoto, TABULA RASA a Jonáš Garaj, Laterna magika, and others. 

You can dive into the festival events’ full descriptions and headliners on their official website. Click here


Whereas some parts of the festival are free to enter, others require an entry fee. Luckily, it is affordable for everyone! 

There are two types of tickets for the event—Signal Plus and Signal VIP. Signal Plus costs 290 Kč that includes nine installations and six exhibits in the gallery zone. The Signal VIP ticket consists of the same offer as the Signal Plus ticket, the ability to skip the line, and, in some cases, a welcome drink.

You can buy tickets online to save money and time. Just click here


Since the festival is located around the city, there is no determined location. However, the festival shared with us six potential spots where you can see the magic with your own eyes. 

Let the hidden gems be revealed: CAMP, Kunsthalle Praga, Church of St. Salvator, Kateřinská Garden, Cinema Vzlet, Herold Gardens, and other names that have still not been announced. 

Enjoy the light show! 

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