With the easing of coronavirus restrictions, plenty of magnificent cultural places opened their door again for the first time from October 2020. Forum Karlín is not the exception to this rule. Discover which exhibitions you can visit there and which events worth your time! 

What is Forum Karlín? 

Forum Karlín is a multi-functional complex that unites masterpieces in the Prague 8, an emerging metropolis. The center is known for its approach towards modern architecture and its trends, which are developing rapidly. 

In the past, the building was used as a boiling steam boiling factory. Later, Ricardo Bofill, Spanish architecture, reconstructed it and made it a more industrial look. 

Forum Karlín
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In 2021, Forum Karlín is a space for great exhibitions, events, concerts, installations, and other breathtaking art performances. The venue is open for its visitors daily. 


Due to the situation with coronavirus, there is only one exhibition which is available for the guests of the complex. The premiere of ‘Once upon a time, Van Gigh, Monet, Renoir…’ took place on May 8 when the goverment restrictions were eased. The exhibition will last till the end of June, do not miss the chance! 

Describing ‘Once upon a time, Van Gigh, Monet, Renoir…’ is very hard to do with words. It is such an amazing experience… it is like trying to describe what it is to take off in a plane someone who never flew

says the event producer Serge Grimaux 

The exhibition is devoted to the impressionists, and the entire installation is made in the 3D effects with the surrounding sound effects. The room is more than 2000 m2 of projector screens and sound environment. You can also discover there other artists such as E. Degas, Signac, and Kubišta. 

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The tickets range from the age category to and day of the week—for example, the adult ticket costs 295 Kč during workdays and 345 Kč during weekends. For students, seniors, and kids, there is a special discount with a valid ID card. 


Due to the challenging situation of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, some events were postponed or even canceled. We discovered the events of this summer and the following autumn, and here is what we found out!

The first live event of the summer will be ‘On broadway with Adam Plachetka II.’ It will take place on the last day of June. Today’s concert performances feature both full-length musicals and individual melodies. Modern theatres here and abroad frequently face far more modest theatre orchestras. 

As a result, all of the work of international giants is performed by Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. For sure, any of the above composers are well-deserving of this distinction. The tickets price vary from 450 Kč to 1,200 Kč.

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During the autumn, you can enjoy concerts of such famous and world-known groups as The Neighbourhood (18.11.2021),  The Dead South (20.11.2021), Woodkid (26.11.2021), and others. To check the full list of singers and performances, you can follow this link!

How to get to Forum Karlín?

The easiest way to get there is by taking public transport – tram or metro. As for the tram, take number 3,8 or 24 to the station KŘÍŽÍKOVA. The metro you can take to the same station with the Yellow (B) line.

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