August 2002 was one of the most devastating moments for Prague and the entire Czech Republic. The tremendous and uncontrollable flood came out of nowhere and struck the city with a natural disaster. Nobody was expecting it, no one was expecting it, and no one wanted to experience it in real life.

The exhibition, devoted to the natural disaster that almost wiped away buildings and spots on the shores of the mighty Vltava, runs from August 9, 2022, to September 22, 2022.

Join a quick historical break on the installation currently running in Kampa Park, and learn more about Prague’s history and how people overcame the great flood of 2002.

Exhibition background

The installation offers a vast selection of high-resolution photographs depicting the natural disaster in all its colors. It shows the horror people experienced and the most affected areas of Prague, such as Holešovice and Bubeneč.

The ‘flood’ photographs are compared to the buildings and what they look like nowadays. In particular, the pictures are paralleled with artworks by Radoslav Vnenčák, one of the artists focusing on architecture. There are roughly twenty panels with impressive photographs.

Visitors can find the background information accompanying the pictures, explaining the flood’s history and the insights gleaned from them. Everything you need and want to know is in one place, organized with the highest standards of photography installations.

Kampa Park

The selection of the location was not random. It has a deep and meaningful story behind it, a symbolic fusion. Kampa Park was one of the most affected areas in Prague, which makes sense, assuming its close distance to the riverside.

Symbolically, the exhibition is running there, showing people passing by how Kampa has changed over the past twenty years. From nothing to exhibition centers, modern art museums, and attractive nature parks.

In the last week of September, the exhibition will travel to the Prague Exhibition Center, the area which was also affected during the flood.

Getting to Kampa Park

The fastest way to get to Kampa Park is by taking the tram (1, 12, 15, 20, 22, 23, or 25) to Hellichova station. From there, you can enjoy the lively walk-through neighborhood, swing by John Lenon Wall, and stop for a quick visit at Kampa Café.

You can also take the metro (A/green line) to Malostranská and discover the beauty of the old town with many attractions and cafés in the area.

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