The arts are flourishing in all areas of Prague, from the industrial Holešovice to the lively spirit of Žižkov. More and more artists are joining the local communities and networks, preparing installations in various galleries, and creatively sharing their perception of the world and current issues. To our surprise, the Chemistry Gallery happens to be one of the places that unite modern art with the realms of society.

Discover what you can see there! 

The Chemistry Gallery: quick history & fun facts

The core concept of the gallery grasps different aims that the gallery is aiming to achieve. For instance, The Chemistry Gallery is a ‘creative institution’ that can be helpful and attractive both for contemporary artists’ serious commercial and professional presentation of works. In addition, there are performers from the local culture (Czech Republic) and neighboring countries (Slovakia or Germany).

The primary aim of the gallery is to create a mutual understanding and interaction between modern art and the general public. Most of the artists focus on the problems and issues of tomorrow, trying to show society their importance and the potential ways to solve them. In other words, The Chemistry Gallery is a powerful magnet for anyone who adores contemporary art and brand-new artistic trends, movements, and concepts. 


As of February 2022, there is only one exhibition running – ‘’Green Sparks.” The exhibition presents two artists, Martin Herold and Dominika Běhal, inspired to show their new approaches in terms of painting medium. 

Painters tried to discover the ‘aura’ of the past and compare it to the present life of society. To achieve the effect of ‘aura,’ artists used the fading technique, which vividly shows the fading collective memory of history. Did they achieve the outcome? Well, only you can judge it by visiting the exhibition during your spare time. 

You can learn more about the installation and other art performances on the gallery’s official website. 

Trade fairs involving the gallery 

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the Chemistry Gallery was one of the active participants in numerous installations worldwide. The most recent one was Scope New York 2020. They presented the works of fantastic artists who happened to be a part of Zdeněk Beran’s atelier at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. 

Looking at their artwork, the world stops rotating. The beauty, the style, the characteristics all create the unity of a perfect balance. Honestly, it is hard to not fall in love with such masterpieces. 

The gallery is located at Prague 7, Ovenecká 17. Enjoy your visit and indulge in the artistic culture of Prague!

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