Výstaviště, one of Prague’s significant installation and exhibition centers, has prepared something special for its visitors: the Tesla exhibition, focusing on the life of Nikola Tesla and his fantastic inventions that changed the lives of millions. 

The installation is set to run from November 21, 2022, to December 11, 2022. The time is limited, so mark the date on your busy calendar! 

Nikola Tesla: the genius who changed the world

Nikola Tesla is one of the extraordinary people who were able to change the world into a better place, literally. He is known for multiple inventions, but the most significant is his contribution to the design of the modern AC electricity supply system. Thanks to Nikola’s magnificent brain, we now have pumps, water heaters, lawn and garden equipment, ovens, and even off-road motorized equipment. 

His early years and adolescence were ordinary. There was nothing special about that. He was like others in the crowd. No” black sheep” phenomenon here. Nikola was born and raised in Serbia (at that time, it was the Austrian Empire), where he studied engineering and physics, the trendy topics after the rise of the Industrial Revolution. 

After finishing his studies in Graz, Tesla moved countries. In particular, he moved to the United States, where plenty of doors opened numerous opportunities for him. Nikola gained enough experience at Continental Edison to help him develop an AC induction motor that was later traded on the market under Westinghouse Electric. 

Tesla did not stop there; he went further with his inventions. Soon, he would introduce mechanical generators, electrical discharge tubes, early X-ray imaging, and the wireless-controlled boat to the world. 

The Tesla Exhibition: What is it all about? 

The exhibition on the Výstaviště grounds aims to enlighten its visitors about the life of Nikola Tesla and its milestones, his inventions, and how they changed the world with his brilliant mind and passion for the future and engineering. 

“You may not realize it, but Nikola Tesla’s legacy can be found everywhere: in remote controls, neon lightning, X-ray images, and missiles. In 1880, his interest in electricity led him to Prague, where he attended lectures at Charles University,” explained exhibition representatives.

Initially, the exhibition comes from Serbia, the home of the famous inventor. In Belgrade, the installation was an overnight success, bringing Tesla’s inventions to the table, including the prototype model of the power plant in Niagara Falls. 

“The exhibition was organized thanks to the initiative from the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Prague and His Excellency Ambassador Berislav Vekić, ” highlighted Ivana Zorič, the Serbian curator of the exhibition.

The installation is designed to be comprehended in both Czech and English. 

Interactive Program 

Along with the exhibition, visitors can enjoy the electricity-savvy program, where they can learn even more about Nikola Tesla and his passion. 

For instance, on December 3, there will be a lecture on Technological Literacy. The event will cover various topics, including climate change and electromobility in practice, artificial intelligence, IoT, 5G, and cyber security. 

Another Energy Literacy lecture will take place on two different dates – December 3 and December 8. The event will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of power plants and renewables and the differences between DC and AC. 

“Science history exhibitions are designed to explain science development, but even more to be a stimulus or encouragement for people to get a deeper understanding of natural phenomena and technological solutions,” concluded Zorič.


The admission tickets for the installation are more than affordable. For adults, tickets will cost 180 Kč, whereas, for children (under 15 years old), the admission price will be only 90 Kč. There are also discounts for students; tickets for them will cost 80 Kč. 

You can buy tickets online at GoOut or the venue’s entrance. 

Getting here

To get to the exhibition, we recommend you take public transport (tram) to Výstaviště. The tram will stop right in front of the exhibition venue, where you can enjoy a lively walk through the green park of Stromovka.

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