If you weren’t deemed an “essential worker,” you may have found yourself sitting in your flat wondering how exactly you’re going to be able to pay all of your bills during this quarantine or if you’ll even be able to remain in Prague! But there’s hope. And that hope might just be in an online course that could potentially put you in an even better financial position when things get back to normal or… whatever the new normal turns out to be. So what are we talking about here? We’re talking about the Green Fox Academy. Green Fox is a school that will teach you the in’s and out’s of a career in IT. They offer online sessions, small studyRead more.

Entering week 3 for some, 4 for others, Anna and Kenny admit to starting to feel at least a little “closed in”. But worry not, Anna leads Kenny on some tips on both keeping busy, find time for you and finding some normality during Prague’s COVID19 state of emergency. Follow them both through “lock down” here. Did we miss something? Hit us up here. Other videos: CitySpy Prague on YouTube PragueTV on YouTube No related posts.Read more.