In 2010, an impressive light display illuminated the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square. The reason? The clock was, as of 2010, 600 years old. The clock is massive and almost unbelievably beautiful; all the more so, for something that was constructed with the tools of the 15th century. When it chimes the hour, figures move. A bell rings. A little horn sounds. And the audience, watching raptly, applauds. The main body of the clock is a real challenge to read. The inner circle shows all the symbols of the zodiac. The outermost ring symbolizes the Tropic of Cancer, while the golden circle inside represents the Equator, and, inside that ring, another golden circle represents the Tropic of Capricorn.Read more.

If you have been living in Prague for some time, you understand what I mean just from the title of this article. It’s a real struggle, folks. First off, if you’re new in the city, I must break the ice and let you know that the Czech Postal Service is one of the most unreliable systems that this country has to offer (if you are a foreigner) — in line with many other bureaucratic policies but that’s another story for another time. To put it simply, if you order something online and want to have it delivered to your place, you may often not get it. It will come into the country, sure, but you may never get notified that itRead more.