In these crazy times we’re living in, people have suddenly been forced to realize a number of things… from their significant other’s worst habits, to how often we touch our faces every day and how little we were washing our hands prior to the coronavirus takeover of our planet… and if you’re thinking of how dirty your hands are, have you thought about your phone? Sure, it’s a little safer now that, like you, it’s confined to your flat or home… but think back a few months.  Back in, say, January… you just plopped it down on restaurant tables, didn’t you? You touched random door handles (or the hand rails on the tram!) as you went about your day andRead more.

It is highly likely that the Coronavirus will show up in the Czech Republic sooner or later, and with hysteria about it overtaking the news, we thought it might be a good idea to pass along some information about steps you can take to avoid it and other types of respiratory infection. In truth, in terms of transmission, the Coronavirus is not that different from the flu which is currently making its way through the country with a more brutal “season” than in years past. If you’ve been online recently you’ve likely noticed, perhaps for the first time, advertisements for masks, gloves, or other tools to aid in the prevention of contracting a virus. Unfortunately, most of these will notRead more.

Despite being a millennial freelancer living in the digital world I’m an absolute noob when it comes to computers and programming. As the world is consistently becoming digitalised, it scares me how computer illiterate I am. You may have noticed job market sites in Prague are saturated with IT and design jobs. More specifically, programmers. A programmer or coder is someone who designs, writes and maintains computer software.  And programmers are IN  D E M A N D. But how does a coding illiterate individual like myself, and maybe you, crack the code into the world of JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS and more. I went to Green Fox Academy‘s free Basics of Programming Workshop for a crash course into coding. I’m not a maths person and thoughtRead more.