Hey, my name is Markéta, and I’m the copywriter. Like most copywriters, I need inspiration. Really often, people ask me, where to find it? The inspiration is not here all the time when you need it, of course. I love wandering around. I love talking to people, mainly strangers. I love exploring places, and much more. For me, this is the inspiration: people. People inspire me a lot, and that’s why I write my articles mostly in the cafes, in the parks watching people, at Wenceslas Square listening to very interesting talks between the Czechs or just people from the abroad spending their vacations here.

I think I will never get enough of talking with people. All of you are really interesting and inspiring. The best place for me is Starbucks coffee. Try to go there without any purpose and concentrate on the people around you. That’s the place where I write my articles and where I love meeting people. You can find out such amazing stories when you start talking to them. I’m talkative — sometimes too talkative people say — but I have found out that this is the best way to explore and meet new people. I can’t just sit in the cafe without talking to anyone at all. In Starbucks, there are at least two baristas and another people working, a few people talking and many of them only looking around.

Many of you are afraid of something, right? Fear of heights, darkness, spiders or snakes. I’m a bit different because I’m afraid of the silence and staying alone. Understand, I live alone, I mostly travel just on my own, so how could I be afraid to be alone if I’m alone all the time? This is not true! I love travelling alone or going to Starbucks alone to write some articles for you but I’m never alone. Sometimes I have the feeling that there is such a thing in me that makes people talk to me on their own without me saying a word. I don’t know how is it possible but I love it! It helps me never being alone.

Why am I talking about that? One day, I met a guy. No, this is not a romantic, kissing ending story, sorry. This is just an ordinary article about inspiration, people and life. Once I was in Starbucks at Wenceslas Square (cheers to the amazing staff working there!). I don’t drink coffee so I ended up with my favorite Soya Chai Tea Latte Grande sitting next to the window upstairs, watching people around and writing some article. The place was full of people so I wasn’t surprised when one guy came to me and asked me if he can use the chair next to mine. I didn’t mind and let him sit down with the feeling that he wanted to tell me more. A moment later, he started talking to me. Meet Steve, an American guy living in Prague, around 26 years old. He was quite handsome, dark hair but blue eyes (how is this even possible that those eyes were so blue so you wanted to swim in them like they were a pool!), but his appearance is not that important. He was drinking a chocolate Frappuccino even though it was quite cold outside. He opened his backpack and took out his cute Apple MacBook Air. I took my notebook out with my red pen for writing, call me old school but I just love to do it that way. He smiled on me and we both started writing something. Both of us, just different ways, me in my notebook with my pen and he, in his MacBook by his hands.

It took him just few minutes before he asked me the first question: You are a writer, right? What are you writing about? How could he even know? My name is Steve, nice to meet you. I’m American and you? I had to write the article but I should reply, right? And so, I did. Hi, my name is Markéta and I’m Czech and yes, I’m copywriter but how did you know? We started talking and in few minutes I had a feeling like I have known him for ages! He was telling me his life story. He is a teacher of English in Prague and he told me a lot about his travels. How many people he had met, how many places he had visited but most of all I wanted to know why he went to Prague. As always I ask people that question because many people still don’t know where the Czech Republic is situated at all. He started with “well” and that seems to be such a great beginning of an interesting story and so it was. He told me how he couldn’t decide where to go after his studies. He knew he would love to travel around Europe for a while and go somewhere for a few months. He was asking his friends for advice but they were telling him all the same. Go to France, you might try the UK or you should go to Italy, its warm there. He wasn’t satisfied with those answers, as he wanted to do something different and go somewhere where he might like it for more than just the sun or its popularity. One day, he looked up the flights from the US to Europe and he found out there are really cheap flights to Europe, especially one place: Prague. He didn’t have any idea where that place was situated but he said: why not, lets do this! He used his credit card for booking his first flight out of the United Stated and it was to Prague, already two years ago. He started looking for more information about Prague on the Internet and started to feel great about his trip. That time, he didn’t have any idea that he would be staying that long. Since then, he had felt in love with this charming city and didn’t know just about our cheap beer, great food and beautiful Czech girls, as that information you can find on the Internet. He knows that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, full of history, gorgeous architecture, cheap beer, great food, amazing countryside, breathtaking places as well as sometimes people in a bad mood and beautiful girls. He said much more but people should find out those on their own.

Why did I tell you about this guy? Because I wanted to tell you this story about such a nice American guy to encourage you to just stop sometimes for a while, no rush, and talk to people. People are just amazing and inspiring. They would often love to tell you absolutely unbelievable stories and share much more with you. So, just sit down, grab some coffee and go ahead to find some local or traveler. I wish you a great hunt!

Markéta Hudečková

Markéta Hudečková

I'm a Czech girl who lived in Prague for a long time while working as a Legal Assistant. One day, I have decided to change it so I'm trying to travel as much as I can while writing the stories on my way. I'm a blogger, copywriter, photographer and I also consider myself as a traveler.
Markéta Hudečková