Where can you go in Prague to satisfy a burger craving?

One of the most popular American dishes in the Czech Republic is the hamburger, and restaurants here are constantly finding new and inventive ways to serve it. Even vegetarians can get in on the action, with a number of veggie burgers available from Prague’s restaurants.

Here are a few places around Prague serving some serious burgers. Note: Some of the restaurants’ websites have links to Zomato, so you can see the daily lunch special.


Located at the top of the big, ugly Kotva department store near the Námĕstí republiky metro station, T-Anker has carnivores and vegetarians covered. The current menu features a “T-Burger” (a bacon cheeseburger served with coleslaw), and a veggie “burger” comprising goat cheese, cranberry chutney, and mayonnaise. Both burgers are served with fries. The website is in Czech and English, but the spring 2017 menu is only in Czech.

Beef Bar

Beef is definitely the focus of this restaurant. Filet mignon, beef tartare, beef tenderloin, and beef carpaccio are on offer, along with a large cheeseburger and a burger with barbecue sauce. The menu is in .pdf form; scroll through the Czech text for the English version.

Meat & Greet Burgerhouse

Among the burgers produced by this restaurant are the ever-popular bacon cheeseburger; a burger with Italian cheese and spicy tomato marmalade; a burger with bacon, gorgonzola, caramelized onion and baby spinach; a turkey burger with Brie; and a falafel burger with pickled onions. The website is only in Czech, but it has several burger photos.

BlackDog Cantina

Although this is more of a south-of-the-border kind of restaurant, its menu features several burgers. Celiacs will rejoice in the fact that the burgers can be served on a gluten-free bun, upon request. The well-known bacon cheeseburger is on the menu, as are a black bean and barley veggie burger, a chorizo burger, and the appropriately named “Infarkt” (Infarct) burger, with gouda, bacon, guacamole, and chili sauce. The menu is in Czech and English.


The array of burgers is impressive here. Among the burgers available are a burger with cheddar and Swiss cheeses, bacon mayonnaise, bacon, and onions; a burger with goat cheese, fig mayonnaise, and sun-dried tomatoes; a lamb burger with garlic aioli; and a sweet potato-chickpea veggie burger with spinach and onions. The menu is in Czech and English.

U Kurelů

Another place with a good range of burgers. Among these are a double burger with smoked cheese, BBQ mayo, and onions; a bacon burger with Danish blue cheese and onions; that old standby, the bacon cheddar burger; and a veggie burger made of hazelnuts, brown rice, lentils, and mushrooms, topped with BBQ mayo and smoked cheese. All of the burgers can be ordered without the bun, with extra salad, for the same price. The menu is in Czech and English.

This list is, of course, by no means exhaustive. Please feel free to tell us about your favorite burger places around town.

Erin Naillon

Erin Naillon

I am an American living and working in Prague. I freelance in various areas, including photography/film, voice work, and, of course, writing.
Erin Naillon