Střelecký Ostrov is the headliner of rascal parties and memorable events in Prague. Located in the heart of the Vltavá river, it offers a picturesque view of the cityscape, a green zone where you can hide from the heat, refreshing drinks, and Czech-savvy food. 

Whether it is a food festival, techno party or private celebration – Střelecký Ostrov has everything you need in one spot. No wonder the Wine Festival is running here as well! 

Pour in the flow of refreshing wine on Friday and Saturday at Střelecký Ostrov. 

Vína z celého světa: event recap

Vína z celého světa is a perfect event for wine lovers and enthusiasts. If we were to translate the name from the Czech language, we would get ‘Wines from all over the world.’ Sounds extravagant with the notes of rich old money, so we are totally into it! 

Střelecký Ostrov transforms into the wine host for the 19-20 August, welcoming everyone to grab a refreshment drink. What can be better at the end of the strenuous week, right? 

‘This time, we are presenting winemakers from an old and new world whose production you will not normally taste… wined from South Africa, Canada, Georgia, Sicilia, Portugal, France, Austria, Algeria, and Argentina, ’ revealed event organizers. 

It feels like a world tour through different wine plantations, full of various scents and alluring smells flying in the air. Red, white, or rose – that’s your time to choose your fighter of the night. 

Get more from the wine fest

During the wine fest, visitors will enjoy not only the degustation and wine history but also the live music and stage performances. There will be several competitions in which you are more than welcome to participate. 

Perhaps, it is your lucky ticket to win a bottle of wine or something bigger – a trip to the vineyard. You never know unless you try it yourself! 

Festival jak víno 

Festival jak víno is the official organizer of the event. Their company name is purely symbolic – ‘a festival like wine.’ The title implies that all events could be as good and versatile as a good wine. Classy! 

‘We strive to combine music, modern cuisine, and wine into one great experience.’ said representatives of  Festival jak víno. 

Getting to Střelecký Ostrov

The easiest way to go to Střelecký Ostrov is by taking the tram. Hop on trams (1,2,9,18,22,23, and 36) towards Národní Divadlo station, from where you can enjoy a short and peaceful walk through the bridge.

You can also take the metro to the event. In this case, take a ride to Národní třída (yellow/B line). From there, perceive the lively area of Prague 1, full of locals and tourists. The walk from Národní třída should not be longer than 10 minutes.

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