Prague is a magnificent city with a rich history and breathtaking architecture. Walking around the Old Town is one of Prague’s perks (despite the crowded streets!): it allows you to enjoy the Gothic buildings, which were not ruined during wars or invasions. Most of the Czech citizens and expats get to admire such city views daily while going to school, university or work. But if you really had to cherry-pick or were in Prague only for a few days, where would you go? We decided to inspire you with the top 5 places where you can get some spectacular views of Prague!

1. Letna Gardens

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The first place, which has a great view of the entire Prague, is Letná Gardens. It is located in the Letná district full of beautiful cafes for late breakfasts and brunches. The winding garden road takes you just above the river, where you can see plenty of marvelous bridges, including Prague’s oldest one, the Charles Bridge. When it’s warmer, you can see a lot of teenagers and youngsters with skateboards and bicycles. Most of Prague citizens come to the garden for various sports activities, walking their dogs or simply relaxing in the serenity of tree crowns. During winter, there is an ice-skating rink, which is free for everyone with skates. The rentals are available, as well. 

2. Riegorovy Sady

By: Michal Kmínek

Riegrovy Sady is another excellent place to catch the sunset in the evening. It is free to enter and is located 10 minutes from Náměstí Míru. Just take tram or metro (A/green-line) to get to the park in the shortest time possible. This place is trendy among the international student community of various universities. In Riegrovy Sady, there is a famous beer garden, where you can enjoy Czech beer or cider on a hot summer day. Generally, people come there to have picnics and sweet romantic dates on the – wait for it! – spot, which allows you to get a great of Prague Castle (Note: you need to arrive early to have the best site!). People love doing physical activities there, as well: some are running, whereas others practice yoga or pilates. You will likely see plenty of dogs chasing their owners and playing, as well.

3. Naplavka

By: Honza Groh (Jagro)

Náplavka is the third place where you can enjoy Prague’s views the most. It is a riverside of the Vltava, which is easily accessible by tram or metro. Just get off at the Karlovo náměstí metro station (B/yellow line), and walk 5-10 minutes to reach the spot. Every month, plenty of food festivals are held there. You can enjoy various cuisines for the price starting from 100 Kc. Apart from the fests, people gather there to have a great time with their friends or loved ones; some feed ducks or swans with bread while others have a drink in one of the cool looking cafes. You can choose for yourself whether you want to relax on a boat, on a sun lounger on the pier, or in one of the modern-looking cells.  It is a great day to spend the end of your weekend! 

4. Petřín Hill

By: Andrei Stroe

The fourth spot famous for the view of hundreds of well-known red roofs of Prague, is Petřín Hill. It is a great park to get the best out of Prague’s nature and, of course, its epic view. Petřín is free of charge and is located near the Ujezd tram stop. Petřín is not simply a park, but also a great cultural spot for getting familiar with Czech history and traditions. On the territory of Petřín, there are two churches, Carpathian Ruthenian St. Michael the Archangel Church and Baroque Cathedral of St Lawrence, which you can visit. For the best views, take the trip up using the funicular (accessible with any valid transport ticket) or simply hike the mountain. There, you will see a beautiful flower garden and will get the chance to admire the entire city in full view. The place is popular among tourists who come to see the Petřín Tower, as well as many locals, families, and couples, which come to have a picnic with some amazing views.  Seize the day by wandering around Petřín and don’t forget about its many attractions, such as Mirror Maze, Observation Tower, restaurants, and the infamous gelato!

5. Klementinum’s Astronomical Tower

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The last place which gives you full advantage of Prague’s gorgeous views, is Klementinum’s Astronomical Tower. It is a complex situated between the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. To get there, just walk 5-10 minutes from Staroměstská metro station (A/green line). After climbing the Astronomical Tower, you can see some truly breathtaking views of the Old Town district. The admission ticket is 300 Kc, and it includes the excursion of the Klementinum complex, as well. It is a beautiful opportunity to learn a little bit about Czech history and enjoy the view!

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