You or may not have noticed that some metro station platforms are cooler than others. After being here for 3 years I’ve made mental notes on some of my favourite stops, and now it’s time to share them with you.

1. One of the first to mention has to be Namesti Miru — I also think that this ranks amongst everyone’s favourite metro stations in Prague. Why? Because of the turquoise and cool ocean colors, the name (Namesti Miru – I mean that’s already cool – it means peaceful square), and the fact that it’s one of the deepest tunnels underground in the city. That’s why it always takes forever to rise up to the top on those never-ending escalators. Pretty damn cool (unless you’re in a rush). Where is it? It’s on Line A (green line) near the city center.

2. As for the next few stations, they are a bit far out. I had to teach an English class one morning which was at the end of one of the metro lines and the stop is called Rajska Zahrada. It’s the second stop from the end on the B Line (yellow) towards Cerny Most. Why is this station so cool? The architecture and the colors. It’s unique compared to the other stations. If you have some time, check it out.

3. Next is Dejvicka metro station. This used to be the end of Line A (green line) 1 year ago until they made the change to extend the metro line closer to the airport. This stop is pretty cool because the design is completely different from the normal stops. Normally, the metro stations have a convex-lego-like structure across the walls, but Devicka has something that looks like coloured wooden vertical panels. When you exit the metro, you feel like you’re in a makeshift forest of some sort. It’s a different feeling and I like it. Not to mention that when you exit and resurface to the city from this station, you are at a roundabout which just adds to the coolness.

4. The last and most unique metro station platform that I will share with you is at the opposite end of Cerny Most. It’s in the direction of Zlicin (yellow Line B) and the stop is called Luziny. Why is it on the cool list? Once you see it, you’ll understand. They have little trees growing on the platform and they are encased with a geometrical sci-fi looking glass to protect it from any weather and regulate the temperature (I assume). There are about 3 or 4 of these trees. Also, the roof of this platform is glass so that these trees can get sunlight. It just looks so unique that it automatically wins the coolest metro station in Prague (for me at least). Definitely worth the travel to see the stop.