A 55 year old man in the Pilsen area shot and killed a man who broke into his house this Wednesday night. The law enforcement is still trying to figure out if it was justified or not.

The Czech Republic doesn’t have an explicit “stand your ground law” like in the United States, but they do have similar laws and culture for gun ownership and the use of firearms. Sometimes, there are grey areas that warrant debate or investigation.

Ivana Jelínková, spokeswoman for the police said of the event that:

“We won’t fully comment on the case at this stage. Criminal proceedings are still in progress on the suspicion of committing the crime of personal injury causing death.”

The incident happened Wednesday night around 3AM. The man who had been convicted of murder in the past, broke into the house most likely because it was in a secluded area well outside the village center.

He allegedly broke in through a window where the homeowner, with a legally owned firearm, put one bullet through his chest. The man was able to run outside the house but shortly collapsed in the front yard where his life unfortunately ended. Jan B., who shot the intruder, also had his wife inside.

“Police are therefore investigating whether a crime has been committed, as well as assessing the circumstances and conditions of the necessary defense,” the spokeswoman said.

According to CT24, the man had previously been convicted and imprisoned for 16,5 years for brutally killing a senior to obtain a drug dose. He stabbed the man with a kitchen knife, suffocated him with a pillow, pulled a plastic bag over his head and tightened it with wire.

“The owner of the house has come up with a version of the story which we will have to verify. The credibility of his statement can be confirmed or refuted by ballistic analysis.”

Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson

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Alex Richardson