Prague isn’t new to the second-hand culture. Locals support this idea because they don’t see any point in spending lots of money for the fast-fashion brands. Besides, it’s beneficial to environmentalism. There’re plenty of vintage stores available across the city. However, it’s difficult to find something which will be trendy and won’t look awkward at the same time. Here’s the list of the new-wave second-hand stores which became famous through Instagram with their unique style.

Žižkovská Hrabárna

Husitská 23, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov

Mon-Fri: 12:30-18:30

Sat-Sun: closed

This is a small second-hand store in the Žižkov district. This is a good option for the vintage sports style: huge hoodies, loose pants, bright jackets (like the ones our parents used to wear in the 80s).  Also, there’s a wide variety of extremely cheap clothing: can buy a good-quality t-shirt for 30 czk. A perfect place for a young audience and a very low budget shopping. Here, vintage jackets and dresses won’t cost more than 350 czk.

FILTR Coffee & Clothes

Bělehradská 1334/ 35, Praha 2, Vinohrady, 120 00

Mon-Fri: 10:30-19:00

Sat-Sun: closed

FILTR promotes a new approach to a second-hand style. This is not just a store; it’s also a cafe with tasty coffee from Berlin. Here’s a great variety of fast fashion (H&M, Bershka, Zara) and more expensive brands (like Ralph Lauren). You can find clothing options mostly for every style: from office casual and romantic dresses to sports outfits. Sometimes, they sell very unique pieces like huge gothic shoes, Cookie Monster costume, or LIDL working t-shirts. FILTR washes and irons every clothing and promises that after fitting you will be ready for the date or important meeting. 

Out Of Time

Osadní 27, showroom Code Accesories

Two words can come to your mind when you see their outfits: cozy and trendy. Out Of Time is a new second-hand showroom which follows the best traditions of the French style: white loose shirts with silk flower-printed skirts and sharp-nosed leather shoes. They also sell cute vintage jewelry and accessories which perfectly will fit the charming look. Out Of Time organizes different pop-up events and swap parties where everybody has a chance to switch their old clothes to the new ones. The prices range from 200 czk to 700 czk per one piece.

Irina Nikolaeva

Irina Nikolaeva

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Irina Nikolaeva