‘Renting a car anywhere at any time’ is the motto of Anytime Carsharing, the leader in the newly developing industry. Thanks to the incredible speed of infrastructure technology, we can use new services to ease our lives. Discover which cars you can rent and which companies offer such opportunities during your stay in Prague. 

Anytime Carsharing is the perfect option to get from point A to point B in a short time

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The main requirements to use the carsharing service are the age of 18 years old and a driver’s license. It is crucial to consider that your driver’s license of category B has been valid for 6 months and that it was issued in the European Union, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Andorra, Russia, Belarus, and Kazachstan. Licenses from other countries have to have the international driver’s certificate with the following documents: passport, proof of residence, and entry date in the EU. For example, proof of visa or boarding pass.  

To unlock the car, you need to download the application, register there, and provide personal information such as first and last names, mobile phone, e-mail, ID card, driver’s license, and selfie with your ID card. All these measures allow you to take the car and drive legally wherever you want. Usually, the verification process takes up to 15 minutes if the steps are done correctly.

What is more, anytime’s membership is free of charge, and it includes customer support, fuel, road taxes, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and free parking around Prague! All these benefits save you 134,000 CZK, which you would pay just for the car maintenance. Also, there is a prepaid fuel card in each car that allows you to take as much fuel as needed. During the refill, you will get 15 free minutes if you use your operator’s instructions. Once you open the car with the application, the driving experience begins.

The payment methods have a variety of choices

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The most common one is linking your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) to the application. The card should be open for transactions from the minimum amount – 5 CZK. The prices for the car vary from time to time; you can check them here! It is possible to reserve a car for 20 minutes for free. Be careful; the canceling of the reservation can cost money if you book more than two vehicles per day. The payment tariff is set by the minute when you are using the car. There are no hidden fees or charges. Even though there is no mileage restriction, Anytime Carsharing will provide driver’s detail to authorities if the person is caught on camera by a speed trap.  

To start using the car, you should press the function ‘start rent’ and start the vehicle’s engine. Anytime Carsharing uses Toyota vehicles, especially Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Toyota Corolla. In the glove box, there are car documents (registration + insurance). Each car has automatic transmission, AC, ABS, front airbags, multimedia, and a start-stop system. In some cases, Bluetooth technology is available with USB sockets for mobile devices. You should have a cable with you if you want to boost your phone’s energy level. You can use cars at any season of the year: in winter, they have ice scrapers and heated seats! The only impossible things are smoking inside, including e-cigarettes, IQOS, hookahs, and wipes, and carrying bulky cargo. If you are traveling with children, note that there are no booster chairs or child seats.

With the rented car, you can drive around the entire Czech Republic (even on highways!)

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When visiting other cities, switch your car to the ‘waiting’ mode. Always make sure the boundaries of the area in your interactive mobile application. Note that you cannot travel to another country. If you break this rule, you will receive an unpleasant fine. Nevertheless, your journey should always end in the home area. It is the area in which Anytime vehicles are situated around the city. For instance, city areas of Prague and Kladno. To finish your trip, you just need to park a car according to the rules in the area and press ‘finish’ in the application. 

Enjoy the carsharing experience and make unforgettable memories while using the service!

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