Another pretty great cafe that you should know about when living (or just passing through) Prague is Monolok. Good coffee? Check. Good breakfast? Check. Did you say breakfast? Hell yeah. Double check.

Not only do they have good food and drinks, but they also have an outdoor terrace in which you can sit and work from as well. Outside they have a small waterfall running down a sleek wall to give you a pretty nice overall atmosphere.

This cafe is two levels. It seems that not too many go downstairs to work, probably because it’s much darker, but the feel is still nice downstairs if you’re looking for a quiet spot to work. Upstairs is always wrapped up in a bright and cozy atmosphere. Sometimes it can get crowded quickly so it can be up to luck to grab a seat. The service is great and most of the staff here speak English, no worries.

Feeling like having a coffee? Check it out when you can.

The info you need:

Location: Moravska 1540/18 120 00 Praha, Vinohrady