Want a Burrito in Prague?

Although there is much shade that this isn’t really Mexican food, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. You haven’t eaten in days, you’re hungover, you’re craving that salsa verde or you just want a chicken quesadilla at 4 in the morning after binge-watching Black Mirror and having your mind blown. At this point it doesn’t matter if the food is truly authentically Mexican or not, and you know it. At one point or another, Burrito Loco will be every expat’s go-to fast food joint that will not make you feel as bad as going to McDonald’s.

This 24-hour grab and go convenience from the gods has 7 locations to minimize your excuses of saying that it’s too far:

#1 — Masna 2 (Prague 1)

#2 — Spalena 43 (Prague 1)

#3 — Stefanikova 7 (Prague 5)

#4 — Mlady Horakove 3 (Prague 7)

#5 — Dejvicka 6 (Prague 6)

#6 — Vinohradska 60 (Prague 3)

#7 — Vitezna 15 (Prague 5)

The Burrito Loco located in Prague 5 at (Vitezna 15) has a small sit down restaurant to cater to those who are so hungry that they can’t wait to get home. Feast and get right into it as the long line of other hungry expats take the opportunity to witness you indulge in your instant gratification.

What do they serve? Their menus are simple and to the point. You can get soups, salads, tacos, quesadillas or burritos. Since burritos are their speciality on the menu, there are different sizes available according to the sound of your hunger and to how badly you really need it.

  • They have the speedy burrito (a tiny burrito with pre-set ingredients which is enough for the below average to mld hunger).
  • For those with an average to a well-behaved kind of hunger, they offer the grande burrito (with the option to choose what ingredients you want inside of it).
  • Last but not least, for those who suffer from the gurgling and spitting magma from the depths of Mordor’s stomach, there is the kick-ass burrito. There are both vegetarian and carnivorous options, just so you know.

Ready for indulgence? Join your fellow expats and step into an everlasting addiction just one burrito (and the occasional quesadilla) at a time.