The Minister of Health, Roman Prymula, was caught in a restaurant without a mask on this Wednesday, violating at least three of his own quarantine rules. Andrej Babiš encouraged the minister and ANO’s first deputy chairman, Jaroslav Faltýnek, who was also seen with Prymula, to resign on their own. Otherwise, he promised to remove them from the office himself.

Roman Prymula visited the Rio’s restaurant in Vyšehrad on Wednesday and spent there at least an hour and a half before leaving at 11:30 pm. Apart from Prymula, there was also Jaroslav Faltýnek and the restaurant’s owner, Raimund Špunda. After leaving the restaurant, Prymula got in a car – also without wearing a mask despite being in close proximity to his driver.

According to the current measures, restaurants must be closed and can work only for takeaways. Similarly, mask measures apply both indoors and in cars.

Immediately, numerous party representatives called for his resignation. The leaders of the opposition parties STAN, TOP 09, and KDU-ČSL called Prymula’s act disrespectful to his own citizens and encouraged him to resign without a delay.

“The behavior of Mr. Prymula, when he visits restaurants that he himself closed under the cover of the night and does not even bother to wear a mask, is an abuse of power at the worst possible moment. You cannot prescribe something to your citizens, while yourself behaving like a superman. He should resign immediately, ” said the Minister of Culture Lubomir Zaoralek, reports.

Today, Faltýnek apologized for the meeting and suggested that it was all his fault. He said that he was the one who knows the owner of the restaurant and met with Prymula to discuss the upcoming visit of doctors from the United States, who should come to help manage the COVID-19 crisis.

The Prime Minister, Andrew Babiš, was deeply shocked by the fact and commented:

“This is an absolute shock for me. I do not understand. If we demand that people follow the rules, wear masks even in the car, made life difficult for them by closing restaurants and shops, restricting freedom of movement, then we ourselves must be an example”.

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