The Minister of Health, Roman Prymula, announced that he refuses to leave the post following his night visit to a restaurant – the act, which is now forbidden by the government due to the spread of COVID-19. He announced that he did not break any rules during the press conference.

The resignation calls came after Roman Prymula got caught by reporters of Blesk journal paying a night visit to a restaurant Rio’s Vyšehrad along with the owner and the ANO’s first deputy chairman, Jaroslav Faltýnek. Current rules suggest that restaurants are now banned from serving people in their facilities. Also, Prymula did not wear a mask when getting into his car, violating yet another rule. It is unclear whether the men wore face masks inside the space. Both the Prime Minister and many other government officials called for Prymula to resign immediately.

“I stand here as a man who seems to preach water and drink wine. What is extremely important… is, of course, that people who decide on measures should adhere to them. Based on the pictures that appeared in Blesk today, it looks like I violated something. I am seriously saying here that I did not break any rules,” Prymula commented during the conference, reports.

According to Prymula, he did not violate any rules except for being close to his driver without a mask for a few seconds. Here is his full comment:

“In the car and during the negotiations, I was wearing a mask. The ban on mass gatherings went into effect at 06:00, but I left at 23:30. On the way to the car I walked alone, no one was closer than two meters. Therefore, according to the current regulations, I could have been outdoors without a mask. The only thing, technically speaking, for a few seconds my driver appeared there and opened the door for me. I put on the mask as soon as I got into the car, ” said Prymula, reports.

Then, Prymula proceeded to suggest that it is not within Babiš’s power to dismiss him despite the Prime Minister’s announcement that he is going to remove him and Faltýnek from the office.

“According to the Constitution, the Prime Minister can only ask the President to dismiss the minister… And Zeman has shown in the past that he can refuse the proposal,” commented Prymula, reports.

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