Pragovka, the artspace for modern art, introduces a new installation, Kolben Open 9, presenting the creative style of living. The exhibition will open on May 7, 2022, early in the morning, with the first swirl of the birds. 

What is Pragovka? 

If we are going to describe Pragovka, we would simply say that it unites everything in the cultural and artistic fields under one roof. To be more precise, organizers stated that it is ‘a creative space where art and life, work and play, old and new, history, the present, and bold visions meet.’ We could not agree more with such a precise and vivid art space description. 

Pragovka Art District -

In fact, Pragovka has been operating since 2014 thanks to Lucie Nováčková and Zuzana Růžičková, inspirators, moderators, and creators of such creativity. In seven years, the art space truly became a part of the modern culture of Prague, with a focus on the essential topics in today’s world. 

This year (2022), event representatives welcome guests to its ninth in the row open day studio, with an entertaining program and the grand opening of the roaring exhibition ‘Pole v množném čísle.’ Interestingly, the entire exhibition’s program will revolve around the theme of connections: Hole in Stasis, Digital and Morphic Fields, and the Desire for Connection. Click here to learn about the program!

Pragovka Gallery |

‘After two years online, we will finally meet again in person. We cannot wait for the Pragovka complex to fill up again with visitors. You will be able to see the most personal places of artists, their studios, where they often present their works for this one day of the year in the form of small exhibitions or site-specific installations,’ said Pragovka spokesperson. 

Kolben Open Programme

The program of the exhibition and, at the same time, the open day is full of colors, emotions, and unforgettable memories. For example, it starts off with the workshops, specially made for children, led by the masters of their crafts—Martin Vlček and Natalia Akovantseva. 

While the children are being entertained, their parents can finally take a deep breath and relax. There will be more than fifty artists presenting their latest works in different hallways.


Furthermore, Pragovka provides an exclusive guided tour that explains the meanings behind the art in minute detail. Something that is hard to interpret without the help of an art historian or an expert. The tour will be primarily in the Czech language, yet an English translation is available on request. 

At the end of the event, visitors could take part in the auction. There, they could trade for the ten exclusive pieces of the limited book edition-Rusty Mouth/ Magic Decade Pragovka 2011-2021. Do not miss it if you are artsy and a big fan of modern art.

The afterparty will start late in the evening, roughly at 22.00. 

How to get to Pragovka? 

The event will take place at the Pragovka Gallery. It is located on the ground floor of the 2nd Bay of Pragovka. It is located in the outer areas of Prague 9. The closest metro is Kolbenova, and the nearest tram stop is Potovská.

We hope to see you at the artistic Pragovka!

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