Founded in 2012 by three university students, Pragulic is as unique as they come: a company meets social enterprise where the homeless give tours of the city.

After all, who knows the city better than the homeless? Not only the Prague that everybody knows and loves, but also the hidden nooks, the underground, and the dark corners that most visitors never get to see or understand.

All of the tour guides at Pragulic were once homeless. Some of them have since secured housing, overcome their addictions, and found regular jobs. Others continue to experience homelessness, living in unstable accommodations or using shelters for refuge. Their income from Pragulic is just one more step towards regaining their lives back. 

What the Tours Are Like

Václav, the oldest tour guide who used to live under the Hlavka bridge together with his dog Astor and a cat. Via Pragulic

No two tours at Pragulic are alike. Each of the guides has their own unique route around the city, their own story. They are defined by their own years of living on the streets and their experiences with substance abuse, prostitution and danger. They understand the underworld of Prague and for two hours they will introduce you to the city through the eyes of the people that know it best.

Pragulic’s tours are also a chance to see a different side of homelessness to help combat stereotypes. Homelessness can happen to anybody regardless of age, gender or education level. The hope of Pragulic is that after taking a tour you will never look at the homeless people and the city they call home in the same way.

The tours operate in any weather – rain, shine, freezing temperatures. Partly because harsh weather gives you a chance to really imagine what life is like on the streets under those conditions.

Special Tours

24 Hours Experience
Pragulic offers a full-day homeless program. Via Pragulic

During the pandemic times, Pragulic is offering online group tours. You can connect with your guide right through the screen for a one-hour special walk through Prague. Online tours are interactive, so you can ask questions as your guide walks you through Prague’s unforgettable streets.

For those wanting a real taste of what living on the streets is like, Pragulic offers a “24-hour homeless” tour. Not for the faint of heart, this full day experience will show participants how to secure money, food and a place to sleep in the city. Find out how the homeless earn pocket change (begging, selling paper), try dumpster-diving for your lunch, and find a safe spot to spend the night.