Over the years, I’ve grudgingly attended an occasional yoga class. My head was always filled with visions of enlightened yogis contorting themselves into graceful poses, displaying bodies of both strength and flexibility. Me? Yeah, not so much. I could touch my toes when I was a kid and sorta do a floppy summersault, but that was the extent of my physical prowess (other than making up some wicked routines with my “Get in Shape, Girl” ribbon.) So, when I contacted the Prague Yoga Collective and asked to attend a class, I was hesitant. I would probably make a fool of myself and likely pull a muscle. I was wrong. So wrong. A million times wrong! The teachers and students at the Prague Yoga collective are enthusiastic, encouraging, and above all kind to yoga dropouts like me.

Prior to my beginners class, I met with the owners of the Prague Yoga Collective; Alex, Betti, and Lisa. We sat in the studio’s reception, the ladies sitting on cushions in perfect ansanas, while I sat on a bench, trying to make sure my back was straight so I didn’t look like a total schlub. I was curious how the women came to create their studio. “We started out teaching in a tiny space in Holešovice, eventually we were asked to offer our classes to Crossfit members,” says Lisa. “From there we partnered with Containall (the summer cultural center) to lead yoga classes in the park.” Betti adds, “it was crazy! We had to wear headsets so people could hear us.” The classes amassed such a huge following, the women realized they needed to open a bigger studio to accommodate as many friends (as they call their students) as they could. This led to their current studio, a beautifully remodeled space in Prague 2 that oozes with a cozy tranquility. The space is so lovely, and the women are so charming, this is the kind of place you just want to hang out in and sip some tea. I asked the women what sets PYC apart from other studios. “We have a more modern approach to yoga”, “we’re more playful and creative”, “our consistency is appealing”, “the group encourages each other instead of being competitive.” These sentiments are echoed by Paulina, one of PYC’s active students, “it’s so open and authentic. I feel so good after class. I come everyday afterwork. I especially love Rocket Yoga with Betti. I’d follow her anywhere!”

Our class this particular evening is being led by Alex, who reminds me of those super confident and cool girls in school you’d die to be friends with. “Grab a block, strap, and blanket,” she tells the class. I slide my mat to the furthest corner of the room hoping to be as inconspicuous as possible. Even Betti attends the class, positioned straight across the room from me and who I decide is my yoga inspiration. Alex leads us through the various positions in a smooth and calm manner. Her directions are easy to follow, and I’m sort of impressed I can keep up and enjoy the stretching and “dragon breathing.” Of course, throughout the class I glance up at Betti, who has contortionist levels of flexibility. She tells me after class, “I sort of cheated. I have 23 years of dance training.” The class concludes with quiet meditation and OM chanting. I was actually quite shocked with how beautiful the chant sounded.

PYC offers all levels of yoga training, from mommy and baby all the way up to advanced. Classes are offered seven days a week, often with guest teachers (“the superstars of yoga,” Alex tells me.) Various payment options exist, and they do accept Multisport. All you need to attend a class is comfortable clothes, as the studio offers everything you need to participate. If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga, or expand your current yoga practice, I cannot encourage you enough to try Prague Yoga Collective. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Namaste.

Images courtesy Prague Yoga Collective

Prague Yoga Collective
Rejskova 2/1979, 12000 Prague
*Note: the private entrance is around the corner of the building through the garden.

Consider joining PYC for their special event on Sunday, April 14: PYC Sounds, an evening of yoga, meditation, music, and friends. You can find the information here:

Melinda King

Melinda King

Originally from the great state of Nebraska, Melinda King has been writing, acting, and raising a family in Prague for the last 13 years. Aside from that, she enjoys various Gen-X activities like drinking coffee, wearing cardigans, and quietly weeping during 25th-anniversary shows of bands she used to like.
Melinda King