Another place besides IKEA to get furniture?

We all know IKEA is crowned king when it comes down to getting decent quality furniture at an affordable price. We can all recognize items from IKEA out in the public or at our friends’ places since we know the iconic merchandises so well.

However, what if I were to tell you that in Prague, there is in fact a plan B when it comes to getting furniture? You see, all I wanted was an office chair for my room. After browsing IKEA’s selection online, I was not impressed and things got pretty pricey, for a chair. I started browsing other options and came across xxxLutz –– okay, seriously I know how it sounds but I promise it’s a major furniture store. The marketing side of their company is questionable, but their products are definitely on point.

Aside from their huge selection of quality office chairs for a cheaper price than IKEA, they also offer different styles of other furniture as well. What I appreciated the most about this place was the lack of families and people rushing about the store. I guess not many people know about this place but that’s just extra perks for the people who do go. The staff was incredibly friendly and did their best to speak English with me. If they couldn’t, they hurried to find someone who could. I didn’t expect such warm service, but they definitely went overboard and made sure I was helped, which I appreciated a lot.

When it comes to desks and tables, I remember walking past a DIY section. Everything was wooden and artsy, and it’s just something you wouldn’t see in IKEA. They also had a selection of carpets and rugs that have a true feel as if you were in South East Asia or Africa. It’s not your typical copy and paste kind of merchandise. It was a nice fresh feel to see so much variety and taste.

Where is it located? There are two. But the one I went to was located in Stodulky.

Here is the website where you can find which store is nearest to you: